DailyBlogging Traffic Stats for November 2010

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Monthly Traffic Report

Hey everyone, we are back with the Traffic Stats for the month of November. Yes, we did miss out on the Traffic Stats & the Monthly Wrap-up for the month of October primarily due to my sessionals, assignments, etc. The list is long, but you can understand First year of Engineering is not that easy.... Read More

Grab the Cyber Monday Discounts from HostGator and DreamHost

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CyberMonday Discount Coupon Codes

On BlackFriday we saw both DreamHost & HostGator giving out Huge discounts on each of their Hosting plans. Though the 80% HostGator Discount was just limited to 100 Sign-ups. So it was on for just 5-10 mins. Even during that time, many could not grab that offer because of the server issues HostGator was facing... Read More

Get flat 80% Discount on any plan during the Black Friday Promotion period from HostGator

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Hostgator 80% Discount

As Bloggers & Entrepreneurs, we all look around for the cheapest Hosting plans available on the net. Though Branded Hosting companies like HostGator, Bluehost rarely seem to give huge discounts. Bluehost doesn’t accept coupons as their rates are quite affordable. HostGator’s rates are a bit on the higher side as compared to that of Bluehost’s. They... Read More

3 Simple ways to Increase Dropbox Storage Space

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Dropbox referral

We have made a lot of progress in the field of Technology & with this we do experience certain drawbacks. The main drawback includes a Full proof backup solution. Yes, there are many online backup solutions. Most of them are paid. Even if they are free they offer a lot less space than we require.... Read More

Support the Flash Ads Are Broken Campaign if you hate Flash Ads

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flash ads are broken

We have seen the evolution of web from simply Web to Web 2.0. Now we have even started seeing the glimpses of Web 3.0. Now we have Ajax & jQuery to replace JavaScript. Though Web Developers still continue to use JavaScript as they are used it from many years. This is where we fail to... Read More

Do Digg counts determine your Blog’s Popularity ?

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Digg counts

This is a Guest Post by Gunter Jameson who writes about several topics including travel, minimalism and online classes. Social Plugins are awesome. No doubt they are some of the best things you can put on your blog. They allow visitors to your site the ability to quickly and easily share your blog on individual... Read More

10 Ways to De-stress when you’re working Under Pressure

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This is a Guest Post from John Brook, who writes about business supplies at Office Kitten, a specialist in office stationery and furniture. If you would like to write for us then you can contact me using the Contact form. For many people, the stress of daily life can sometimes be overwhelming. Between work, family,... Read More

Google Hotpot – A new way to recommend and rate Places

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Google Hotpot places

We all know that how Google pops up with something creative & makes it a successful product. A week back it came up with a Surprise Holiday package for Flight travelers in the US by offering free inflight Wi-Fi. This time it’s come up with something much better – Google Hotpot. The concept here is... Read More