How to Embed Twitter Timeline Widget on your Site

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Twitter Timeline Widget

Twitter has added a Embeddable Timeline Widget so that site owners can show a custom version of their Twitter timeline to the visitors. This includes search results, favourites and the basic timeline. Twitter Timeline widget uses the same widget.js script which is currently used by all the other Twitter widgets viz – Follow button, Tweet button... Read More

8 Essential Tips to Maintain a Consistent PageRank

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The drive to maintain a consistent PageRank may sound like trying to win a popularity contest. And the harder you try, the harder the competition gets. But have you wondered why winning this popularity contest is such a big deal? Before we answer this question, let’s understand what a ‘PageRank’ is? PageRank is a technology... Read More

3 Important things to check while Reviewing a Guest Post

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Reviewing Guest Posts

It’s been a while since I wrote a post on the blog; all this while I was publishing guest posts submitted by our awesome authors. So today I decided to write something on the important things a blogger must keep a check on while reviewing guest posts. It must be said that in this day-and-age... Read More

How to keep your Blog active while you are on a Holiday or Vacation

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Holiday Beach View

In order to keep your blog working and keep your readers checking your blog out daily, there is one simple rule – you need new content on a regular basis. However, that does not mean that you need to be in front of your computer all the time and never take a break. Just like... Read More

Should You be using the ‘Sponsored Posts’ feature on Facebook?

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Sponsored Posts Facebook

Every time one of those posts makes the rounds on Facebook about how you have to share it or else Facebook will start charging you for your account, it gets shot down as an urban legend and Facebook responds with its trademark slogan: “It’s free (and always will be).” But that may not be totally... Read More

5 Tips to Effectively Sell yourself & Get a Job

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You probably know all about marketing an object; it’s the process by which something is made desirable to others. But what about marketing yourself? Marketing yourself today means the difference between landing a poor job and a great one and the difference between getting that promotion and being stuck. Where once it was simple to... Read More

Link Wheel : What it is, How to do & How it helps with SEO

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Link Wheel

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it’s more commonly known will allow people to rank high in the search engines and is an absolute necessity to obtain natural organic traffic. However, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about what works and what doesn’t work. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on different software to spam the internet... Read More

5 Ways How even your Grandma can Make Money Online

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Make Money Online

Just a few years ago, only programmers could make money online. The tech-savvy cleaned up, while everyone else admired them! Now, however, things are very different. You can use many applications, programs, and strategies to make money without needing to know a lot about technology or the internet. Breaking into online business is something even... Read More