[Video] Murali creates history by taking 800 test wickets

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Muttiah Muralidharan (Murali)

Muttiah Muralidharan a.k.a Murali, one of the greatest spin bowlers of all time has set a huge record of 800th Test wickets for the upcoming spinners in the cricketing world. He took his 800th test wicket by taking Pragyan Ojha’s wicket in the last day of the first test match between India and Sri Lanka... Read More

Google rolls out its redesigned & optimized Images page

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Google Icon

Today Google announced the roll out of its redesigned and so-called optimized Images page. Why I say so-called there are some valid points which you will come to know when you read the entire post. Though we always expect Google to deliver good features, but every good thing has a bad side. So this time... Read More

How To replace Rs. with the new Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word

As I had mentioned in this post (Foradian Technologies reveals the 2.0 version of Rupee Foradian) that I would be posting an HowTo post soon enough on DailyBlogging. So today I will show you how to replace the normal Rs. which is normally used to show that the amount is in INR (Indian Rupee) with... Read More

DailyBlogging Weekly Round-up (12th July – 18th July,2010)

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DailyBlogging Round-up

This week we have come up with another round-up of the past weeks posts incase you missed some. This week I tried to post a little more completely 8 posts in a week thats just 1 more than a more per day. Incase you missed some important posts in this month then you can check... Read More

Foradian Technologies reveals the 2.0 version of Rupee Foradian

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Indian Rupee Font

As we all know that on 15th July Indian Rupee got a new Currency Symbol which was wisely chosen by an IIT Graduate. But there was a buzz in the internet world on HowTo use this symbol since it needs approval from Unicode for the symbol to get international recognition and for internet users to

Resize your Images quickly without loosing quality with Image Resizer

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Internet users often tend to find an option to resize their images without loosing much quality. People may suggest Photoshop, Coreldraw, etc. third-party Softwares. The problem in Photoshop is that you can resize the pictures but you won’t get the desired quality after resizing it. So why to waste time in third-party softwares when you... Read More

Twitter adds the Top Tweet feature for Tweets with 100+ ReTweets

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Twitter is the number one Micro-Blogging Site and its very important for it to maintain its ranking as day by day competition keeps on rising & you never know when a site comes with better features. So Twitter needs to keep its users happy enough by introducing new features & letting them to gain something... Read More

Indian Rupee gets a new currency Symbol

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Indian Currency

Today, it’s a day to be proud of for Indians, we have a new symbol like other developed nations in the world. There were five designs among which this one was selected. The five designs also found a panel of five members to pass through the selection process. Though the five members had to select... Read More