List of Options to Choose your Blog’s Theme Style from

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Blog Theme Style

This is a guest post by Jessica Sanders, who is an avid small business writer touching on topics from social media to phone systems & credit card processing. Your blog has its own personality. This depends upon what you write about, how you design it, and the way in which readers interact. It is through these various factors that... Read More

Posterous acquired by Twitter

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Posterous Spaces

Posterous, the micro blogging platform has been acquired by Twitter. The exact price is still unknown & the range of acquisition is unclear as well. They’ve also released a FAQ page related to this acquisition by Twitter. To be honest the answers are pretty lame & just says, We’ll give you ample notice. Sachin Agarwal, the... Read More

Facebook Officially Checks-Out Gowalla

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Gowalla Facebook

Facebook has closed down the location-sharing app Gowalla. Facebook had acquired Gowalla some 3 months ago to use their service and implement it effectively in the new timeline. If you head on to now; you’ll see an official thank you message which says, well; what every start-up would after an acquisition. The exact thing is below.... Read More

4 Important Tax Tips for Freelance Bloggers

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Tax Returns

This is a guest post by Bethany Ramos, who is a full-time freelance writer. For the best selection of folding tables visit her site. Note: This article is US-centric as the tax norms for freelancing are different there and involves the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It’s that time again…Tax time, that is. If you have been... Read More

How to Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Windows 7

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Dual Boot Windows 8

It’s been a couple a days since Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 Consumer preview (or Win8CP as the trends would read). Most of us got very excited to try it out as soon as it got downloaded. Some of us even cursed Microsoft for their shitty servers and the problems caused while downloading the Windows 8... Read More

Google concedes to add a ‘Do Not Track’ Button in Chrome

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Chrome Do Not Track

Google finally agreed to add a ‘Do Not Track‘ button in it’s in-house browser, Chrome. Since the introduction of the SOPA act there has been a lot of talk about privacy and tracking. Most tech companies had taken a clear stand on whether they need to track their visitors and supply site resources (on-site features,... Read More

8 Steps to perform Split Testing in WordPress

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A/B Testing WordPress

This is a guest post by Margaret, who is a technology blogger. She recently bought the best mobile phone. These days she is busy in writing an article on Android PDF Reader. Split testing is defined as the process of testing a live website in order to identify the most effective headlines and text. This method... Read More

5 Reasons Why Windows 8 might have an Edge over Android Tablets

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Windows 8 Tablet OS

This is a guest post by Shannen Doherty, who is a technical content writer. In her free time she writes articles related to: internet, AT&T, technology mobile broadband, etc. It seems that Android has already won over your hearts and minds. I wouldn’t blame you. The recent Android tablet integration is also a smart move. However,... Read More