4 Pillars of a Successful Blogging Career

Blogging Pillars

Today, there are millions of blogs in the Blogosphere. But every blog owner needs to ask him/herself :

Whether his Blogging Career is Successful or not ? I’m sure only a bunch full of blog owners would come out with a positive answer.

That’s the bitter truth one needs to admit. You need to invest some money time, if you want to be a Successful Blogger.


Pillars of Successful Blogging
Pillars should be strong as it's the only base of your career.

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But time is not the only thing one needs to put in for a Successful Blogging Career. It all depends on how well you invest & manage your precious time. Remember Time is Money. You cannot reproduce the time you’ve lost.

So always try to value your time so that in future you won’t have to regret. Let’s take a look at all the 3 things which I feel form the pillars of Blogging.

1. Hard Work

In Blogging there is no shortcut to success. You don’t just start earning 1000 bucks the day you start blogging. You need to work hard. Produce Quality Content and more importantly Promote your Posts effectively.

If you do that, then there is no one stopping you from becoming a Successful Blogger. Work Hard & don’t think about the end result. Just keep building up Quality Content and one day you’ll need them for Interlinking between your posts.

2. Patience

Patience is the key in anything. There are times in your Blogging career (Initial Stages) where you work hard, write killer content & promote your posts effectively but still fail to reach the height you expected your blog to reach.

At such torrid times you need to believe in your self. Work harder, be patient & you’ll definitely find the path to success.

3. Consistency

Be Consistent enough. Suppose, for the month of January you write 31 posts i.e. One post per day. In February you write only on weekends i.e. just 8 posts. Now, such patterns of publishing content will certainly annoy your readers.

At the end of February, when you check your FeedBurner stats don’t be shocked to see a decrease in your subscriber count.

4. Passion

According to me Passion is the most important Pillar of Blogging, without which no Blogger can blog effectively. If you don’t believe in what you do, then how do you expect success to come your way ?

If you’re passionate about Blogging, then you won’t be stressed out regardless of how many posts you make in a day.

Would you like to add a couple of more points ?

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  1. I think niche can be the 5th one. What do you think? All 4 above are must.

  2. I think to build a successful blogging career we should have a right strategy and take action with this strategy.

  3. William Tha Great

    Hey Mani,

    You couldn’t of made it more clear. These are most surly the 4 pillars of blogging success. Intergrating these traits into your daily lifestyle and your bound to overcome any obstacle!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

  4. You said it! All of these are the main pillars of every successful blogger.

  5. One also need to be an expert on the subject/subjects that he/she wants to blog along with lots of research on it to produce killer contents.

  6. Out of all 4, I believe consistency is most important… Most of bloggers fails because of lack of consistency…. And yah if you dream of having a career in Blogging, It’s important to have passion. You can’t stick to anything until you are not passionate about that thing….

  7. Passion and Hard work really prove to be useful in blogging career

  8. Yeah, i agree with the second point and it would be more helpful to reach the top level. Because Patience is one of the best key to success, it is very important in every thing you do.

  9. In fact, i agree with first two points because hard work and patience that would be more important to be a successful blogger. Great article, keep doing. Thanks a lot for given great article on here.

  10. What are key difference between Movable Type and WordPress blogging platforms? Which should I choose?Thanks a lot.

    1. Well the major diff. between MT and WP is that WP offers more customizations in the form of variety of plugins, themes, etc thereby making it a lot more than just a CMS tool. I would recommend WordPress any day as a Blogging platform.

  11. Hard work and patience are most important in blogging as well as in every sphere of life.

  12. Hard work and patience are most important, I think.

  13. Being passionate about what you do is important. It’s one of the keys to success. Passion is what will keep you going when you fall and it’s what would make success sweeter. True happiness comes when you love what you do. Getting paid for doing it is actually just a bonus. Finding what you’re passionate about gives meaning to your life and gets you inspired and very motivated. Your passion will never fail you.

  14. Passion has to come 1st for me, I blog because it is cheaper than therapy and because the satisfaction it gives me is much more important then any financial gain. If I were to loose the passion, then my blog would die.

    Hard Work; A blogger must be willing to spend the time, be dedicated and be willing to learn.

    I have never been patient yet don;t have the time to worry about it an consistency is key, I see many good bloggers fail because they can not keep up the good posts on a regular basis.

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