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How To replace Rs. with the new Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word

Written by: Muninder

Updated: July, 20, 2010

As I had mentioned in this post (Foradian Technologies reveals the 2.0 version of Rupee Foradian) that I would be posting an HowTo post soon enough on DailyBlogging.
So today I will show you how to replace the normal Rs. which is normally used to show that the amount is in INR (Indian Rupee) with the new Rupee Symbol.
It’s a pretty basic tutorial so you don’t need any advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word or Office.

Microsoft Word
Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word

Five Simple Steps to Replace Rs. with the Rupee Symbol in Word

  1. Open Word, Type the Grave Ascent Symbol (`) using the Rupee Foradian font
  2. Select it and Goto Tools > Auto Correct
  3. Select the Auto Correct Tab
  4. Make sure there is a Grave Ascent Symbol (`) in the With box
  5. In the Replace box type Rs.

# Check out the image below if you have any doubt.

new rupee symbol
Replace Rs. to Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word

Note:– This will only work when you select the Rupee Foradian font in the future documents wherein you want to replace Rs. with the rupee symbol.
Hope you liked the tutorial. I would like to hear what you think about this tutorial. 


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