PayPal’s Last Active Day in India

PayPal last Active Day In India

Well it’s time for Indian Users to bid PayPal a big farewell for it’s troublesome behaviour (always) against Indian Users.

Yes, RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) also has a fare share in making Indian Freelancers, Bloggers & Entrepreneurs life HELL.

Just a few more hours left and you’ll find your PayPal balance Empty both ways.

Bye Bye PayPal

1) If you’ve withdrawn long ago (Precautious Measure)

2) If you forgot to Withdraw / Stuck with the process.

Don’t worry if you belong to the second category, because even I belong there. A month ago PayPal had pre alerted about this Change to Indian Users via Email (PayPal takes Strict Measures). Was the 1 month gap enough. People who belong to the second category would surely say ‘NO’. I don’t think everybody would’ve forgotten, since it’s your precious money.

Considering my case, I turned 18 on Feb 9th. Went to the bank the very next day to fill & submit the Major Application form. Found that my name on the bank account & PayPal were different. I had signed up with PayPal 4 years ago, had used a nickname then.

So there way no way I could transfer the money. Then I contacted PayPal’s Support staff. By their reply I was convinced that the matter would get sorted as they just asked a copy of my College ID. Sent them the digital image of my College ID. By then it was 23rd of February. I got a reply saying that they require a legal name change document. This is the point where my hopes went crushing down.

Though some part of my hopes were still alive. I transferred my PayPal balance to my father’s PayPal Account (Newly Created). Then linked the bank account, expected the confirmation deposits to be sent within a day or two. But that wasn’t the case. My bad luck.

How to Still Save your PayPal Balance ?

Just hoping that you are reading this post before midnight. If that’s the case then you can still contact your friends who have are Non-Indians. Transfer your Current PayPal balance to their account for the moment. Sort out your bank problems, Link a Debit/Credit Card to your account & then get the balance back & withdraw within 7 days time.

A Big shout out to Kimberly Castleberry from Just-Ask-Kim who helped me save my PayPal balance.

Have you withdrawn your Entire PayPal Balance ?

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  1. It is sad to see the problem Indian users have to face now. Will all accounts be shut down tomorrow?

    1. No the Accounts won’t be shut. The reason I say Last Active Day is because from today PayPal will not allow Indian Users to store a single pie. The only time they can store in PayPal is when some one transfers some money to them. But even in that case one needs to withdraw that payment within 7 Days.

  2. Oh Mani, you were saved from a disaster. I already withdrew all my amount quite a long time back. I currently have around 10$ remaining and I hope I will be able to get some more money within this week and withdraw it within the week but yes the new paypal rules are really a big blow for Indian freelancers.

    1. I don’t understand why RBI & PayPal always create an issue. Hope this matter is sorted out quickly.

  3. Yes I came here in time, I have some balance in my PayPal and really i need to transfer it to someone as you mentioned above. Thanks Mani for Alert.

    1. Hope you transferred within time & didn’t loose out the money you had.

  4. William Tha Great

    Hey Mani,

    This is issue sucks, but Paypal isn’t the only way to get paid. They just have to find the next best solution. If not, paypal will be back in service for them shortly right?

    God bless,
    William Veasley

  5. What is RBI upto? What a blow to all of us! Hope everything will be cleared soon.

  6. Made my PP balance 0 yesterday . i was very unhappy doing that .. i love to see money in my Paypal .

  7. I have no problem at all with my Paypal account. But the need for Indian users to withdraw within 7 days is quite ridiculous. Is there any good alternative to Paypal, which you might use?

  8. I need to write a marketing plan project for my marketing class which is due tomorrow. I could pay you via pay pal. Help please.Thanks

    1. Just Send me the details via the Contact Page located in the Navbar.

  9. Hello, i would like to say thanks for Mani who written this great article on here because thousands of the people would get benefits from this article. These type of information would be helpful to all the people and thanks for updating your wonderful article on here.

  10. I feel you guys. So many opportunities for us in Nigeria too but PayPal decided to exclude Nigeria.

  11. I do not have a verified pay-pal account,no click bank account.without these accounts and how do i get paid,what are the kind of affiliate marketing websites i can join to make money online?may i be able to do do affiliate marketing jobs.Thanks

    1. Well for Affiliate Marketing you can try out – Commission Junction | Share-a-Sale | Clickbank

  12. Yes Paypal should be Active in India. Because India is a Huge Country with Huge Population. Most of the People including me are facing this problems which should be resolved soon.

  13. hey i loved paypal…..but now finding its alternatives.pls discuss its alternatives

  14. This is a sad news. Thanks for sharing anyway.

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