PayPal’s Last Active Day in India

Written by: Muninder

Updated: February, 28, 2011

Well it’s time for Indian Users to bid PayPal a big farewell for it’s troublesome behaviour (always) against Indian Users.
Yes, RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) also has a fare share in making Indian Freelancers, Bloggers & Entrepreneurs life HELL.
Just a few more hours left and you’ll find your PayPal balance Empty both ways.
Bye Bye PayPal

1) If you’ve withdrawn long ago (Precautious Measure)
2) If you forgot to Withdraw / Stuck with the process.

Don’t worry if you belong to the second category, because even I belong there. A month ago PayPal had pre alerted about this Change to Indian Users via Email (PayPal takes Strict Measures). Was the 1 month gap enough. People who belong to the second category would surely say ‘NO’. I don’t think everybody would’ve forgotten, since it’s your precious money.
Considering my case, I turned 18 on Feb 9th. Went to the bank the very next day to fill & submit the Major Application form. Found that my name on the bank account & PayPal were different. I had signed up with PayPal 4 years ago, had used a nickname then.
So there way no way I could transfer the money. Then I contacted PayPal’s Support staff. By their reply I was convinced that the matter would get sorted as they just asked a copy of my College ID. Sent them the digital image of my College ID. By then it was 23rd of February. I got a reply saying that they require a legal name change document. This is the point where my hopes went crushing down.
Though some part of my hopes were still alive. I transferred my PayPal balance to my father’s PayPal Account (Newly Created). Then linked the bank account, expected the confirmation deposits to be sent within a day or two. But that wasn’t the case. My bad luck.

How to Still Save your PayPal Balance ?

Just hoping that you are reading this post before midnight. If that’s the case then you can still contact your friends who have are Non-Indians. Transfer your Current PayPal balance to their account for the moment. Sort out your bank problems, Link a Debit/Credit Card to your account & then get the balance back & withdraw within 7 days time.
A Big shout out to Kimberly Castleberry from Just-Ask-Kim who helped me save my PayPal balance.
Have you withdrawn your Entire PayPal Balance ?


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