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Solve the ‘JFolder::create: Could not create directory’ Error in Joomla

Written by: Muninder

Updated: January, 11, 2011

Like WordPress, Joomla also has a lot of functionalities. It can be used as a tool for Blogging. Though WordPress is much more reliable for that purpose.
But when we talk about a CMS (Content Management System), the first name comes into our mind is Joomla. It’s not that WordPress cannot be used as a CMS.
The thing with WordPress is that it’s not flexible enough to be used as a CMS. On the other hand with Joomla you can create a Dynamic Site using it’s varied functionalities.

Could not create directory joomla error

Yesterday, When I was moving a client site to his server, I noticed a nagging error while Installing Packages. In Joomla Packages means – Modules, Component, Templates & Plugins.

JFolder::create: Could not create directory
Warning! Failed to move file.

This error occurs when you move from one host to another host. It is because when we move a Joomla site from one server to another server, the log & tmp functions present in the configuration.php file contains the directory path where you had previously installed Joomla i.e. on the old server.

Fix forJFolder::create: Could not create directory’ Error

Unlike other Errors, the fix for this error is pretty Simple. Follow the steps below to fix it.

  1. Goto your Hosting panel >> File Manager >> Select your Domain/Sub-Domain and then open the configuration.php file.
  2. Find var $log_path, it will contain the Directory path of your Old Server. Just replace the whole line with the code var $log_path = './logs';
  3. Find var $tmp_path, it will also have the Directory path of your Old Server. Replace the whole line with the code var $tmp_path = './tmp';

That’s it! Your problem will be solved with this small tweak in the code. Make sure that you properly copy paste the code. If you still face any problem then don’t hesitate to put in a Comment with your query.
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