Octopus Paul selects Spain to win the FIFA WC in its Final Prediction

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FIFA WC 2010

Octopus Paul, an octopus which is merely 4 years old is getting fame higher than a 50-year-old human being. It has a record search of over 2,000,000 searches in Google. What more fame does it need, but it certainly deserves every bit of it. As it has got 6 out of 6 predictions of the... Read More

Top 5 SEO tips to be implemented on a new Site

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SEO Tips

After my last post on the Top 10 SEO Shopping Cart companies in India, I’m back to write more on SEO this week. But this time for starters of a site, having no/less knowledge about SEO and its effectiveness on the success of a site. It’s basically very important to understand that only SEO won’t... Read More

Airtel & Facebook team up to offer 2 Months free Facebook access

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Airtel & Facebook Team up to offer 2 months free Facebook Access

The hot news revolving around us today is that, Airtel the largest network service provider in India has teamed up with Facebook to offer 2 months free Facebook access to its customers. This offer will be valid from July to August. Facebook has wisely chosen Airtel to introduce itself to the one’s who still don’t... Read More

DailyBlogging Weekly Round-up (28th June – 4th July,2010)

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Weekly Round-ups for the month of June 2010 (DailyBlogging)

From today I’m going to do a weekly Round-up for every article made in that particular week. The round-ups will be according to the categories in which the posts have been added to, So that the readers would get a clear view of the posts made from their favorite category. Those regular readers who have... Read More

Top 10 tips to enhance your Social Media Experience

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Social Media Logos

In today’s world Social Media has become an unavoidable part of our life, wherein you need to make an update before you do something, to share with your friends/followers what you have done, putting out quotes, sensible status updates to make an image, etc. But we certainly get to know what is happening around us... Read More

How To disable Adobe Flash Player support in Chrome

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Flash Player Icon

In the last Post, I wrote about the Chrome Fastball game experiencing downtime due to high traffic. Today I will be giving a small tutorial on HowTo disable the Adobe Flash Player support for chrome provided by Google. But I don’t think its necessary to disable a support for flash player since nowadays many sites... Read More

Google’s Chrome Fastball game experiences Downtime due to high traffic

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Google Chrome

Google has finally integrated Adobe Flash Player support in its most famous and light weight product Chrome. It had announced that it will be integrating this in March, and they have successfully done it in a very short span of time. Many may ask why Google is giving importance to Chrome? Well the answer to... Read More

Google signs an agreement to acquire ITA Software

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Google Logo

ITA which is regarded as one of the popular most travel software agencies on the net has its luck which has leaded it get Google sign an agreement to acquire it. Google which has been on an acquisition row lately acquiring the popular desktop software BumpTop. The main reasons why Google is quite interested in... Read More