Google Earth website gets a new look

Written by: Muninder

Updated: September, 10, 2010

As we know Google is not accustomed to stay on a certain thing for a long time. It keeps on implementing the new ideas, changing things, etc. Couple of days ago we saw that it revealed the HTML5 Doodle with a mark to make it’s 12th Birthday special enough. On the very next day it rolled out Google Instant on a standalone directory Instant. The testing phase lasted for a day before the Instant search was brought on by default on the main search page.
Today they redesigned the homepage of one of their popular products i.e. Google Earth. The old design had just a download link along with some basic information about Google Earth. It looked similar to the current Chrome page.

What’s New ?

Optimal Design
Google holds a mastery of keeping things simple yet make it look elegant. Take a look at the design of the new Google Earth webpage. Just basic codes are used to build that website. Look how impressive the colour choice & placements are.
The only thing I think that they should have done is, increase the width of the wrapper a bit. It’s a way too small right now.
Products Overview, Showcases & Video Tutorials
1. Products Overview
This section includes a list of locations from where you can get access to Google Earth. Desktop access stands out among Earth for maps & Mobile access. It also consists of a separate page which provides information on how you can get access to Google Earth using any of those 3 technologies.
2. Showcases
Many times, people think how someone has captured a screenshot of some street of the US. They maybe unaware of the Street View feature. Similarly, the sky view too. So the Showcases section plays a major role in making people aware of the various features present in Google Earth.
3. Video Tutorials
Showcases makes people aware of the features, but what it they still don’t get it into their heads ? Here comes the need for Tutorials. When they are in the form of videos, then you could be assured that you would grasp it much faster & with less trouble.
–> So Checkout the Google Earth Website
Do you think after discovering all of Google Earth’s features, there would be users using it more frequently & participate actively in the community ?


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