What Percentage Of Websites Use WordPress In 2022?

Written by: Muninder

Updated: February, 5, 2022

WordPress is the most popular content management system, with 43.3% of websites on the internet using it, according to W3Techs.

Amongst content management systems, it holds a staggering 65.3% market share as per the WordPress Statistics at the start of 2022.

If you are wondering about the difference between these two stats – here is the explanation. Out of 100% of websites on the internet, only 66.3% use content management systems. 33.7% of websites use no CMS. So the first one is an absolute stat, and the second is just for websites using CMS.

I know I answered directly to the question already. 

So what is in the rest of the article? I curated a few more stats to present you with WordPress Popularity from different perspectives. 

So here are some angles I tried in this article

  1. Number of websites using WordPress: 455 million 2021
  2. WordPress growth over time: 35% in 2020 to 43.3% in 2022
  3. How BIG is WordPress: 371k of top 1M websites use WP

How Many Websites Use WordPress

43.3% sounds BIG. But, like most people, I also want to look at the actual NUMBER of websites using WordPress to figure out How BIG WordPress is. But unfortunately, even after digging for over an hour or so, I did not find any latest information for 2022 on the topic. The latest I could find was in 2021.

As per the 2021 stats, over 455 million websites were using WordPress. 

Builtwith a resource that tracks softwares used by websites says they know of 30.5 million websites that use WordPress.

43.3% of internet websites market share and 65.4% CMS market share are enough to show WordPress Popularity. But for those who want to have a better perspective of the growth of WordPress usage, here are a few more numbers:

  • In 2020, 35% of websites on the internet were using WP.
  • This number rose to 39.5% of all websites in January 2021.
  • As for the CMS market share, 64.1% in January 2021 has increased to 65.3% in February 2022.

Though hundreds of other website builders and content management systems are available, these numbers show that WordPress usage and growth are STABLE over time.

How BIG is WordPress (WordPress Usage Stats)

How many websites of the top 10000 websites use WordPress

According to BuiltWith 2022 Trends, 36% of top 10k websites use WP. This in numbers is 3600 websites. When it comes to the top 100k, over 36000 websites use WP.

However, another research from GigaPress in 2021 says only 1057 websites in the top 10000 websites use WP. These two stats might differ because both resources considered different metrics to tag TOP to the websites.

How many websites of the top 1 million websites use WordPress

When it comes to the top 1 million websites, over 37.14% of websites use WP. It is over 371k websites in the top 1 million websites using WP.

Few More Stats On WordPress Popularity

  • 62% of the top 100 companies in Inc5000 list in 2016 used WP
  • 54% of top 100 companies in Inc5000 list in 2018 used WP
  • WordPress.org’s free version is used by over 500 new websites every day.
  • Every month, 70 million new blog entries are posted.
  • 22% of the top 1 million ecommerce sites on the planet are powered by WooCommerce.

Top 6 CMS Market Share To Show How Big Is WordPress

  • WordPress – 65.3%
  • Shopify – 6.7%
  • Wix – 2.9%
  • SquareSpace – 1.8%
  • Joomla – 1.7%
  • Drupal – 1.3%

Over 65 percent market share amongst content management systems already shows how big WordPress is. The closest second Shopify, which has a 6.7% market share, will further enhance the popularity of WordPress.



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