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What Percentage Of Websites Use WordPress In 2022?

Posted On: February 5th, 2022
WordPress is the most popular content management system, with 43.3% of websites on the internet using it, according to W3Techs. Amongst content management systems, it holds a staggering 65.3% market share as per the WordPress Statistics at the start of…

How To Bulk Delete All Comments In WordPress

Posted On: October 30th, 2021
There might be multiple reasons why you have thousands of comments on your posts. For one WordPress is the most popular CMS making it a primary target for Spam and other hacking attacks. The other reason is you might have…

3 WordPress Plugins to Run an E-Commerce Site

Posted On: May 13th, 2012
WordPress is often used as a blogging or publishing platform (like we do at DailyBlogging). But we must not forget that WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) as well. As of today, the WordPress plugin directory has around 19,455…

How to mass Delete Pending Posts in WordPress

Posted On: December 30th, 2011
As we all know WordPress is the best and popular-most option when it comes to writing/publishing posts and more importantly managing a blog efficiently. Very often you'll find blogs opening up to guest posting (like even we have done) in…

What’s New in WordPress 3.3 ‘Sonny’ ?

Posted On: December 13th, 2011
A couple of hours ago WordPress 3.3 was pushed out for a smooth release. It's named as Sonny after the famous¬†jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt. You can directly update your blog to wp 3.3 from the dashboard or download the entire…

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