5 Tips to Produce Killer Content on your Blog

produce killer content

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If you are a blogger, then you might be aware that’s its very hard to write an article which can increase the readers interest in your writing/blog. And to always come up with new things is also hard or in other words to produce quality content often is pretty difficult.

You just need to have excellent and interesting content on your site to increase the interest on visitors in your blog. So, if you are interested to entertain your visitors with good content then you must read the following points to get into action.

killer content
Producing Killer Content

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1. Activate Your Readers

Make sure to write content with too many interesting facts and ask your readers to give their options on it and make them active. You can possible write a full paragraph with in your article specially to take visitors decision, this will make them feel worth.

If you already have active people, then you might take interest to interact with them.

2. Current Issues

Another great way to take reader attention is to write about current emerging issues, so that they would like to give their opinions on it. But for this you need to spend some time on research for current issues and take deep interest in exploring them to your visitors with good details and long length writing. (If possible include images as well)

Talking about current issues of your blog, can also make your visitors active.

3. Update at the right Time

Update your viewers at right time, like take an example of Google Algorithm change. You could possible inform your visitors on same day about any issue going on, and tell them if they could be victim of that thing, and hence the solution to that issue is also required.

Otherwise visitors will not be taking interest with out dated news. An Example of updating at the right time would be a post like “PayPal’s Last Active Day in India“.

4. Related Information

If you are writing a news and you are unable to describe it fully, you can share a links to a complete source so that visitors can take a complete look on whats going on.

This will simply make trust between you and viewers and to the owner of sites you are linking too, because sooner or later it will benefit you as well.

5. Arguing to something that has just happened

If you personally don’t like anything like take an example of Google Algorithm change, If are are not satisfied with this change, or it might have affected you, then you can argue on this topic and ask your visitors their opinions that are they satisfied with it or not.

But make sure to argue on something you’ve full command on. So, that you can give proper reasons.

So what’s your strategy to come up with killer, quality content for your next blog post ?


  1. Polls, Questions etc work very well in getting there opinion and engaging visitors, I had lots of success with them in my Squidoo, HubPages articles and I’m looking for ways to add them to my blogs

    1. You are right, these kinds of things also help in increasing their activities.

  2. Awesome information on Killer post. Thanks for sharing

    1. you are welcome.and thanks for the complements

  3. This is a good article. Just Keep it up! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Thomas glad you liked it.

  4. Very good article had some really good information that really made me change my mind about how to work…

  5. Actually, fourth point would be more important because if we are writing any article mean, we have to give full detail about that with recent updated news. Thanks a lot for given here:)

    1. Yes kavya its important to update people with updated news.

      thanks for the comment

  6. Well for me posting at the right time and post related and current content works great, what you need to do is research anyways great article.

    1. if we research and produce what people are looking for then definitely success is there.

  7. Content is king as they say and getting relevant backlinks is important. Also make sure all your content is easy to ready and do it on a regular basis.

    1. content is always the king, as freshens is what people and google loves.

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