Is Google celebrating its 12th Birthday today ?


Well the answer to the question maybe YES. Because if you visit Google (US Version/Indian version) you would probably see a logo which consists of a Google logo pasted over the cake. To be utterly frank the art form is not that good. But credits to Wayne Thiebaud for this image. With a little research I got to know that Wayne Thiebaud is an American painter. He has a mastery over cakes, pasteries, boots, toilets, toys & lipsticks.

It seems odd that Google has put an image painted by a renowned painter. I respect the painter, but Google having such wide deal of resources in terms of logo designing, has preferred to go for a painted image. See the new doodle below.

google-birthday-logo Around the start of this month, we saw google experimenting with some animated doodles. Like the google html5 doodle, which we thought; was put up to mark Google’s 12th Anniversary. But with this new logo of a Google logo printed on a cake with the l replaced with a candle, it seems that Google is celebrating it’s 12th Birthday today.

I wonder Google is gonna capture this whole month to mark it’s anniversary on different dates. As it is we don’t seem to get a clue of Google’s Birthday. For more Google updates Subscribe to our Daily Updates/RSS Feeds.

Do you seriously believe it’s Google’s birthday today ? Also, did you like the logo ??

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  1. I stumbled on to this post through Google. Looks like you are doing it right! Congrats! 🙂

  2. Happy birthday google, u made our life easy

  3. The logo looks very simple and this logo is available on Google India. It seems they are celebrating their birthday.

  4. nice article….

    i think google not celebrating at all….they are now just focusing on their work……

  5. i saw the google birthday pic in my home page and i realized..

  6. Oh yes, the logo is used for our country domain too Thanks for the research and bringing the fact of the cake. Do you think google will place different doodles on different dates to mark its birthday month?

  7. Ye it is 12th birthday. Google got that image after copyrights 🙂

  8. Google is a powerhouse on the net, and has contributed immensely.
    But unfortunately, like Microsoft of yester years, Google is another bully. It has persecuted thousands of smaller webmasters and affiliate marketers. It is very fond of dictating terms, and penalizing you if you don’t obey.
    To overcome this problem, I would like to see some strong competitors on the scene. But that is not going to happen so soon. So many more anniversaries for Google’s hooliganism!

  9. Really Nice updates from this blog!!! I am looking forward to subscribe to this blog!! Thumbs up to this blog!!! And a tons of thanks to the owner of this blog for his appretiative work!!

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