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Google Webmaster Tools has started showing Keyword Variants

Written by: Muninder

Updated: September, 4, 2010

Last month, Matt Cutts in response to a question put up on Tag clouds in the Webmaster talk YouTube channel had explained; how huge number of tags in a tag cloud could lead to Keyword Stuffing.
Such Stuffing of keywords could drag the SEO juice out of a site’s content links (Main links) & pass it onto the subordinate (low priority) links. Today, another important feature has been unveiled by Webmaster tools in the form of Keyword Variants.
You can have a glimpse at the Variants displayed beside the keywords in the Keyword section of Webmaster Tools.

What are Keyword Variants ?

To put it in a simpler way, they are just Variants for different keywords. Google will find the variants for a particular keyword from our sites & this will help us rank & get more organic traffic. Keyword variants basically tell us that, this much number of occurrences have been made in our site.
The important thing here is that, Keyword Variants aren’t too specific. Suppose we take up the keyword blog from this site. Now, look at the above image, you can see it shows 6 variants.
In the above image we can see that blog is just a keyword & blog, blog’s, blogger, bloggers, blogging, blogs are it’s variants. Take a closer look at these variants and you will find that every variant has the term blog, in fact the keyword itself is included as a variant.
Now if you want to improve the SEO of your site, then this feature could prove very useful as it gives you an idea of which variants to interlink with an anchor text in your posts.
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So, if your site is lagging behind in SEO or you need help to reduce your bounce rate; then make full use of Keyword Variants in Webmaster tools & your problem would be solved.
Do you feel this feature is beneficial to you on a larger extent ?


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