Google Webmaster Tools has started showing Keyword Variants


Last month, Matt Cutts in response to a question put up on Tag clouds in the Webmaster talk YouTube channel had explained; how huge number of tags in a tag cloud could lead to Keyword Stuffing.

Such Stuffing of keywords could drag the SEO juice out of a site’s content links (Main links) & pass it onto the subordinate (low priority) links. Today, another important feature has been unveiled by Webmaster tools in the form of Keyword Variants.

You can have a glimpse at the Variants displayed beside the keywords in the Keyword section of Webmaster Tools.


What are Keyword Variants ?

To put it in a simpler way, they are just Variants for different keywords. Google will find the variants for a particular keyword from our sites & this will help us rank & get more organic traffic. Keyword variants basically tell us that, this much number of occurrences have been made in our site.

The important thing here is that, Keyword Variants aren’t too specific. Suppose we take up the keyword blog from this site. Now, look at the above image, you can see it shows 6 variants.


In the above image we can see that blog is just a keyword & blog, blog’s, blogger, bloggers, blogging, blogs are it’s variants. Take a closer look at these variants and you will find that every variant has the term blog, in fact the keyword itself is included as a variant.

Now if you want to improve the SEO of your site, then this feature could prove very useful as it gives you an idea of which variants to interlink with an anchor text in your posts.

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So, if your site is lagging behind in SEO or you need help to reduce your bounce rate; then make full use of Keyword Variants in Webmaster tools & your problem would be solved.

Do you feel this feature is beneficial to you on a larger extent ?

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  1. Nice article. Every thing is possible with Google, Google will become #1 company very soon 😛

    1. They are no.1 Rahul. They are working hard to be in the summit. 🙂

  2. Google is number one and will always be. I heard that a movie is going to be released called “Google” which will be about the rise of Google company

  3. yup i too noticed today in webmaster tool…. google is trying to change many things this year…..

  4. Nice and Very Updated Info Mani. But, Is there a little explanation about “Keyword variants lead to Keyword stuffing”?. I just don’t get it clearly about this. Thanks in advance…:)

    1. Well Irfan, use of Variants don’t lead to Keyword Stuffing. The use of more no. of tags in a tag cloud leads to Stuffing. Keyword Variants are just for better use of keywords linking to related articles in a post.

      Hope this gives a bit of clarity. ty for commenting in 🙂

  5. I never heard about keyword variant, i think this is one of the best way to stuff our blog with perfect keywords :)…

  6. Really nice article . going to check it now .

  7. Interesting development, and it’s nice they’re making things more intuitive.

  8. Now that will be easy for all. Thanks for this wonderful info 🙂

  9. Yep ive seen it in my accounts today, i guess its kinda cool that they have summarised the data, but it also reduces some of the transperancy as instead of getting feedback on 5 related terms you get one single variant that you just hope Google gets right.

  10. I haven’t visited my Google Webmaster Tools for a while, these will be very helpful for working on my blogs SEO, but I’m not going to really to heavily on them, I’ll maybe just use them under close scrutiny 😉

  11. Thanks Mani for bringing this into my notice..As I been using webmaster tool every day but certainly ignored this one..

  12. Thanks a lot on the tip of Keyword Variants I see what you mean I’ll be implementing theses ideas on my site.

  13. I saw it just today on webmaster tools. Thanks for the detailed post.

  14. Nice illustration, Because i think your illustrations make clear understanding as well as your explanation is pretty easy to follow us , Thanks For Sharing

  15. I just verified my site for Google Webmaster Tools. It has been a week now, and when I try to access information in the Statistics page, (such as top search queries) it tells me that data is not available at this time. My question is how long does it take on average for this data to become available?

  16. thanx for your information..

  17. Awesome tool Mani. I’m always looking for variants of key words buyers are using to find homes. From my perspective, there are many good keywords that small business owners are not targeting.

  18. It’s a Great Implement by webmaster tools, Now we can have a quick watch on our search keywords and their Positions.
    Great Information Mani.

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