7 Cool Cloud based Time Tracking Apps to Manage your Time

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Time management is essential to all especially when you are handling multiple tasks and need to keep track of time as well as important schedules that require your immediate attention. Also as we all know that if there a time well managed means profitable business returns and work well done.

Here are a few of the advantages of time tracking that not only helps you in managing your time but schedules as well, this include:

  • Time tracking is all about creating a consistent method for tracking the time spent by you as well as your employees and team on a specific task.
  • It gives you clarity on the time consumed by a certain task so you can accurately make your project estimates.
  • This is the best manner of creating a documented accounting of your timelines and thus improving your personal productivity.

Now if only we know that efficient Time Tracking Software is available that enables in better time management and helps you with concentrating upon important tasks.

Time Tracking Apps
Online Time Tracking Apps

1. Invoicera

Invoicera is an online billing software which is equipped with an incredible time tracking feature that is easy to make use of. It includes multiple languages, currency support and can customize multiple invoices.

It allows you to keep track of the project progress and keep a track of time spent on specific project with innovative solutions. It can also track your expenses. This software can be very useful for freelancers, small businesses and other professionals.

2. Fanurio

This is another time tracking and billing application that lets you track time, set reminders, generate reports, create invoices and manage finances. It’s an installed app for most operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix.

3. BubbleTimer

BubbleTimer is a simple web app that lets you control your daily routine time. It comes with a feature of recording your activities within the time frame of 15-minute and then increments; this gives you a clear understanding of exactly where your time is being spent, and manages your time when you are on the go via the iPhone app.

4. Cashboard

This tool has the ability to manage expenses, create invoices, develop estimates, and make online payments. You can enter your time from your desktop, the Web or your iPhone.

5. Chrometa

Chrometa is a dynamic application for your personal time tracking. It runs in the background of your computer and keeps a track of all of your activities so you can pull reports and see where your time is spent.

It can also be utilized to track time on projects, categorize time and improve productivity.

6. ClickTime

ClickTime is yet another online timesheet system that not only helps you track time but also manages billing and payroll. It comes lased with features such as, secure servers, a central dashboard display and comprehensive reporting.

7. 1time

1time is a web-based time, it is an expense tracking application for keeping track  of the real cost of a project for cost analysis and billing.

You can even utilize it for time tracking your team or employees, set up individual logins for your employees and team members so you no longer have to micromanage recording timesheets.

Utilizing any of the above mentioned apps/software you can easily manage your time well and achieve your desired goals successfully within the given timelines.

So have you tried any one of the above mentioned apps or do you use another efficient alternative ?


  1. Thanks for sharing these very useful tips for saving too much time which will prove very important for any body.

    All options are great from other which are providing to us many types of work art.

  2. I didn’t know about these programs I use Freshbooks and it works quite well, but I would love to look into these other programs.

  3. If I may, please let me add our cloud time tracking known as TimeXchange. If you need time reporting for yourself or a team that includes an iPhone app, and you want it to be cheap and simple to use, you have to look at TimeXchange.

    Our goal is to be the best way to track time that’s not much more expensive than using paper or a spreadsheet. We can track time, manage approvals, produce billing and payroll reports, and generally manage time reporting without hassle for one low annual fee (which is often less than others charge for one month).

    Being the low cost solution in a crowded category is not sexy or cool, but it is what a lot of people are looking for.

    Thanks for your time.

  4. since I use freshbooks which one of these would say is comparative or better.

  5. You can use Invoicera in place of Freshbooks as it has an excellent time tracking feature along with some most hunted business features which other similar applications don’t offer.

  6. @ cpanel server : You can use Invoicera in place of Freshbooks as it has an excellent time tracking feature along with some most hunted business features which other similar applications don’t offer.

  7. Great list of cloud based time tracking apps! Thank you for sharing these apps.

  8. Hi John,
    We live in world where time becomes more important each day and Time Tracking Software seems to be a perfect tool for time reporting.

  9. Hi John thank you very much for your time managing lists! I’ll used one of thous. thanks again for sharing with us!

  10. Its really great list of time tracking Apps on here 🙂 Nice collection with the good support on here 🙂

  11. Chrometa is a really good one. I have been using it for awhile and it has really helped. Not tried any of the others on that list though but they all look helpful, especially Cashboard and ClickTime in particular.


  12. Thanks for this list John, I’m always on the look out for this cloud-based applications. Because I want to utilize it when I’m going to hire contractors off shore.

  13. Thanks for the list. We are using a few of these over the years (CashBoard for one year, then ClickTime today which we are preferring.)

    Fortunately there are lots of good softwares out there for everyone to try. But don’t use Intuit Time Tracker. They just announce they going to stop making it forever.

  14. Nice informative blog, thanks for sharing.

  15. I use Paymo time tracker because i can easily create invoices based on the timesheets. Will check out a couple of your apps too when i get a chance.

  16. I believe these are some of the best web based tools, but I also believe there are some best that has not been added to the list, such as Replicon time clock.

  17. I’d love to add another to the list. Hours Tracking (http://hourstracking.com) is a relatively new web-based tool that’s super simple to use and extremely affordable at $1/month. Great for freelancers and teams.

  18. Thank you for that usefull information. Could anyone recomend me which is better hrms solution for small company? thanhk you in advance

  19. Hi.
    Thanks for compiling this list. I would like to add just one more solution, http://www.timecockpit.com. time cockpit features automatic activity trackers. Activity Trackers support people who work on multiple projects/tasks to do their time tracking more accurately and easily. In a graphical calendar, they see exactly how much time was spent on a given task and transform that information into accurate timesheets.

  20. I decided to use Flapps Time Tracking (http://www.flapps.com) after a quite extensive research and about 5 free trials of different cloud-based softwares. Flapps came out best. It has great features for very reasonable price $3.95. Having 20 people in company freshboks was out of question. Mani, thanks for your list, my suggestion to you is how about you do a new 2012 round of cloud-based time tracking app reviews?

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