Get back the Old Google Accounts Sign-up form and avoid Google+

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Recently Google took a blatant decision to promote Google+ where ever it could find white-space.

Due to this, Google has been at the receiving end of a lot of flak from social media and marketing experts.

People are not annoyed with the intent to promote a company’s native social network on it’s own platform but the method employed by the company to do so.


Google Accounts form

Did you see the 'Google Wave' logo ? HAHA!

Excessive promotions help only if the product is worth it. Now it’s up to you to decide if Google+ is really worth all these eyeballs. Even though it’s a fact that G+ was the first social networking site to reach the highest number of user base within a few days.

But activity wise Google+ couldn’t compete with Facebook and Twitter. To sum it up; Google+ was innovative but not revolutionary. And today internet users demand change, not the same old concept presented in a different way.

Sign-up using the old Google Accounts form

This decision to promote G+ also brought in a revamp to the normally clean yet long Google sign-up form. Now if you try to sign up a new Google account you’ll be shown 3 steps.

It means that you no longer need to sign up differently for a GMail and a Google+ account. By sign up, I mean: having to fill extra fields when opening your G+ account.

Old Sign-up form

Old Sign-up form

But for the time being you can escape those long steps by just navigating to the old form. A handful of Google products & services like calender, blogger, etc still present you with the old form.

The URLs of both forms can be deceptive as they start with the same sub-domain accounts. Both the URLs look like this,

New form link

Old form link

Take full advantage of this old sign-up form as Google has already hinted that they’ll centralize registrations all across it’s products soon.

Don’t you think Google is over-promoting Google+ ?

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    If I should admit, I like Google’s old look. It was nice and cool and without many complications

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    Well, I think Google obviously knows that facebook is its closest competitor in terms of internet traffic. Facebook is #2 visited site in the world? Crazy.
    Google Plus is just their attempt to capitalize on this massive social media market.

  3. I agree to your point that the old google interface was much better. Google should accept the failure of Google +.

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    Thanks for the information. I really didn’t’ like the new way they have changed things.

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    Google knows that it has a captive audience. It’s a smart move on their part to try and get search and Android users to get active in Google+. It seems like Google has big plans for the social network moving forward and wants to capture as many users as possible.

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