Steve Jobs talks about Facebook – Ping deal in his Dinner with Mark Zuckerberg

iTunes Ping

Late yesterday Steve Jobs – CEO of Apple.Inc invited Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook for a dinner at his residence. Normally when two big personalities meet for dinner, it’s usually more than Dinner & Personal talks. It’s business that dominates the talks between them. Same happened with both the CEO’s yesterday.

Earlier, when Ping – (A Social Network for Music) was launched; it has embedded Facebook’s Connect for logging in & sharing purposes. A few days back, Facebook blocked Ping’s connect integration.


So anyone could have a wild guess on what basis Steve Jobs invited Mark on Dinner. Maybe, in the future we could see better & advanced integration between the two Social Networks belonging to different sectors. Both the companies are big enough, so the deal won’t pass out smoothly enough.

Facebook is expanding itself day by day. No doubt it’s success has given Facebook a brand name. Recently, they signed a deal with Bing where in Bing would display Facebook widgets (The like button) and Facebook has already integrated Bing into it’s search page.

Did you miss Facebook’s integration in Ping now ??

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  2. is it just ping? or is apple thinking about buying Facebook itself?

    1. Well, there is no way Apple can buy Facebook but a deal with Facebook for promoting iTunes would be very good for both these companies. Lets wait and see what will happen.

      1. Well, this would be a great for gaining popularity. I mean where can you find half population of the world ready to be exposed to your brand.

  3. you know I would like to say that I love Google and facebook gets all its popularity through Google I think, so I request facebook ppl not to integrate bing, bing is good, but we’ve to return some to Google ppl.thanks

  4. yes it is sad that ping integration is now not available.
    its just sad.

  5. Hmmmm, iTunes social network???

  6. Well, they really needed the push to join with a more musical aligned focus to take what little audience myspace still currently has- its the only thing that keeps myspace still kicking.

  7. amazing
    soon facebook will domiante each and everything 😀

  8. Nice talks…


  9. i think it is a great deal

  10. This is a cool idea for gaining publicity

  11. Perhaps Mark wants to buy an iPhone?

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