Digg Digg adds the Tweet Button in its latest update


Late day before yesterday, Twitter released it’s official Tweet Button & it got an overwhelming response from many bloggers & site owners. The new Tweet Button looks pretty elegant after all it’s a Twitter product. Though it sounds harsh that might replace the might Tweetmeme. But it is told that Tweetmeme will support twitter in the count system of the Tweet Button. So they have officially partnered with Twitter.


In the Above image you can see that Twitter is added up in the list of social buttons. It’s basically the Tweet Button itself, whereas Tweetmeme is still present in the list as a separate option. So you don’t have to worry about Tweetmeme if you’re planning to stick with it.

Also, a major news that Orkut share is still not available as the Digg Digg plugin developer says that till the share count feature is not available it won’t be integrated into Digg Digg.

ChangeLog of Digg Digg v4.2.1

  • Add support for official twitter button
  • Bug fixed for twitter and tweetmeme conflict issue
  • Add show_face support for Facebook like
  • Add changelog tab in wordpress.org
  • Admin page redesigned – (They have added some paid Ebooks..thats it!)

What are you waiting for, Digg Digg has been so quick in coming up with the Tweet Button. So test it on your WordPress blogs ASAP.

Note from Digg Digg:-

If official twitter or tweetmeme buttons are not working as expected, try click on the “save” or “reset” button to get the latest settings.

Have you swapped Tweetmeme with the new Tweet Button ? Share your views using the comments section!


  1. Great post Mani! You beat me to getting mine out the door!

    I recently switched from tweetmeme to topsy within Digg Digg… then back to tweetmeme when I wrote the code into my theme. Now I will be switching to the new Tweet Button as soon as I have time to go slap some new code in my theme!

    Good stuff!

    1. Continuous change for you. Even a week back I had thought of adding topsy but left it 😛

      Now thinking of reverting back to tweetmeme. The TweetButton url’s aren’t shortened properly when it goes to the twitter page. But they aren’t broken though. Lets what for a week!

  2. Hi Mani. I tried out the Digg Digg Twitter button this morning and it was the slowest thing to load on my blog. I removed it. I think it will work better as a stand-alone plugin. Let me know if you see one. Thanks for the video!

    1. hmm..its loading perfectly for me. But you can go for WP Tweet & WP Tweet Button as alternative Standalone plugins.

  3. I think Sexy Bookmark is much better then Digg Digg … checkit out on my blog 🙂

  4. digg digg was causing problems with the design of mmy blog 🙁 and also decreased the load time 🙁 so i deactivated that 🙄 can u plz tell which plugin are u using for displaying Share, Subscribe and Bookmark thing when u end ur post or is it a code which u added 🙂 if u dont mind can u give me that code plz 🙁

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