How Blogging Helps in Making you a Better Person

Better Person

There are loads of Benefits of Blogging. The major one’s people talk about is the fame, money; a blogger gets if he is successful. Often, people tend to forget that Blogging makes you a Better & Improved person.

That’s the most important Benefit of Blogging.

You tend to become more organized in your work, learn to manage time & you are ready to help others. As a Blogger, have you ever given a thought on this aspect of Blogging. If not, then do spare some time & think about it.

Blogging Makes you a Better Person
Blogging Makes you Better

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People don’t judge on how much money you’ve earned in your life or by your Knowledge. They judge you on the Characteristic features you posses. Just by wearing good clothes and looking stylish doesn’t change/improve your character.

You need to become a Better person to improve your Character & that’s exactly the change, Blogging brings in you. So let’s take a look at the points where a Blogger has an upper hand as compared to a normal person.

Well Organized

If want to be a Successful Blogger, then you ought to be organized. Without being Organized you certainly can’t beat the top notch bloggers. So, that’s one area where a Blogger gains an Upper hand. A person needs to be organized in his work . With Bloggers you’ll always find that, they organize their work using a Whiteboard & a marker.

Better Time Management

As a Blogger, I really feel that 24 hours is not enough to produce quality content & promote your posts effectively when you’ve to attend your College from 9.30 – 5.00, travel for a total of 3 hours & spare some time for finishing your assignements/notes.

I’m sure every blogger who attends college faces such time crunches. On the other hand ProBloggers produce 1 post/day. So what do they do for the rest of the day. Sleep ? No, they offer different Services in which they are specialized. This proves that Bloggers are better Time Managers.

A Helping Hand

Blogging is all about writing for your readers. In other words, you are just sharing your knowledge with your readers. By doing that you’re just helping your readers in some way or the other. Recently ,I shared a piece of code for

Adding Social Media Share buttons at the end of your WordPress posts. Did I charge for it ? Nope. I Shared the exact code which I use on DailyBlogging, just because one of the commentators had asked for it on another post.

Have you got another Benefit of Blogging which will help in making you an improved & a better person ?

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  1. I am not a native people and Blogging helps me improve my english. Blogging also help me have more friends

    1. Yes, that’s one more important benefit of Blogging 🙂

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  3. I think time management aspect of you life greatly improves with blogging and also you cut down on your idle time which is always a good thing 🙂

    1. I’ve learnt how to manage time efficiently from Blogging only.

  4. Hello Mani, its one of the valuable tips to all the blogger, so i would like to say thanks for given here. And, time management would be more important in the blog post, its my point of view.

    1. Managing Time is the most important aspect of Blogging. So once you blog rightly, then automatically time management comes into your life.

  5. Hello Mani, great work and thanks a lot for sharing your data on here. And, it would be helpful for all the people with the great support. At last, helping hand would be more important in the blog post because its one of the best way to help the reader with the recent information.

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