3 Simple ways to Increase Dropbox Storage Space

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We have made a lot of progress in the field of Technology & with this we do experience certain drawbacks. The main drawback includes a Full proof backup solution. Yes, there are many online backup solutions.

Most of them are paid. Even if they are free they offer a lot less space than we require. Dropbox is one of them providing only 2 GB of online space for free users.

Though the only advantage in Dropbox is that, it allows free users to increase space up to a certain limit by completing certain tasks.


Lets now see the 3 Simple ways with which you can increase your Dropbox storage space in order to store more important files online securely and stay tension free.

1. Complete the ‘Getting Started’ list


It sounds odd that a website offers something free for just reading, how the website works. But Dropbox does offer 250 MB of space for completing each point of the Getting Started List.

There are about 7 items in the list. Complete them one by one & your storage space will increase to 250*7 = 1750 MB (1.75 GB)

2. Refer your Friends

refer_your_friends [Image Credit]

We all build a lot of Contacts in GMail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc. Those contacts will come handy in increasing your Dropbox Storage Space. For each referral Dropbox adds up 250 MB of free space.

So if you manage to get at least 10-15 Referrals; it will add up to 250*10 = 2500 MB (2.5 GB). It doesn’t stop at 2.5 GB. In case you get more referrals you’re able to extend the space up to a limit of 8 GB.

3. Share Dropbox link on your Social Media Profiles


Many of us around here use Twitter & certainly Facebook in order to network with their friends. Some use Social Media for promoting their blogs, products, etc.

Now, your Social profiles can help you Increase your Dropbox space too. It’s simple, you need to follow Dropbox on their Twitter handle (@dropbox). Tweet & Share ‘What you Like about Dropbox’ on your Social profiles.

As seen in the Getting Started list, here too we have a list of tasks to perform. For each task you complete, they provide you with 120 MB of storage space. Perform all the 6 tasks present in the list & you will get around 720 MB of free storage space. So goto Dropbox Free page & complete the tasks.

With all the three steps combined you will be getting around 5 GB of Storage space. That’s more than the double of what Dropbox offers to free users.

How much free space have you managed to get on Dropbox ? Do you find Mediafire & Drop.io much better in comparison with Dropbox ??

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  1. good article.

    confused abt third point. Where can i find that social media sharing page ?

    1. Sorry! My bad. Missed the link in the post. Now updated it.

      Any ways here is the link : Dropbox Free page

      Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Dropbox is a very nice tool and I love the Android app. That makes it real easy to have your documents everywhere.

  3. yeah i have read about this once and i did find it helpful and great ! it’s good to share it cause evryone will definitely love it 🙂

  4. You can’t really compare drop.io since the service is down for a while. Drop.io has be bought by Facebook Inc.

  5. Dropbox sounds like a great tool to for an online back up and extend your storage space online.

  6. New info for me, will check it.

  7. Nice post Mani, check out this site for taking your Dropbox account to 19 GB capacity for free! http://maxyourdropbox.blogspot.com/

  8. Good Post Mani. thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. I have 10.5 Gb of space by referring people..I don’t think I’m gng to need more.. But I’m sure for new dropbox user this is going to be useful..

  10. Usually I am creating only 250 MB storage for drop box, but I will try to manage as per your advice

  11. Nice Post..I had completed all the Six steps but still got only 250mb not 250*7 are you sure about it??..and thanks or sharing the Social Networking Link..i got 256mb more for it..now I have 3.8GB.. 🙂

  12. This is a great solution for beginners to 5 years. I have been designing over 8 years and a dedicated server is the best thing I have invested in. I can share and monitor who is downloading what. When I share some of my projects, which does not happen often, I have caught people trying to outsource my project and fired them. To me, this is not fair for developers and designers because they are getting a portion of what they really deserve.

    If you are a well established designer, the free storage really is not necessary.

    However, I do recommend Dropbox. I have used them and know a lot of people who do. 🙂

  13. Nice share. Will try it.

  14. well thanks for sharing… in will try it….

  15. I have not used Dropbox before! But this service looks really good, I would like to have an online storage space to keep some of my files.

  16. I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information ,”‘

  17. I was in need of more space in my dropbox account. Thanks for the tips mate. 🙂

  18. nice tips..what is the max size to which i can increase my dropbox

  19. I’m a dropbox user for a good while now.
    I’ve had the pleasure to promote their service and along with that, I’ve earned some good extra disk space! loving it

  20. Was having no idea that Dropbox storage size can be increased too. Thanks 🙂

  21. Hey, thanks for recommending these. I have been using Dropbox (free) for a while now and didn’t know they were offering these ways to increase the storage space for free. I am going to try out each step as I could certain use the bit of extra space.

  22. Thanks for these tips. I never thought I’d actually use up most of my free Dropbox space but I have and now I’m looking to increase it. I’ll try out these tips to increase my free space as much as I can and if it’s still falling short, I’ll purchase one of their premium schemes and get 50 GB or more. Hopefully, by then, Google will also have their cloud storage service operational.


  23. Excellent tips and I am sure it will resolve upto some extent the sapce required for Dropbox users.

  24. You can get another 3 GB extra space for free by installing Dropbox on your Android phone and let it create automatic backups of your photos. Every 500 MB of foto’s you upload adds another 500 MB (up to the 3 GB)

    That makes a total of 5 GB of free Dropbox space!

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