4 Ways to Promote your Niche Website

Promote Niche Website

This is a Guest Post by Avina Walker.

Ever found your niche website having difficulties and experiencing the traffic surge that you wished for? Indeed Internet Marketing has become quite competitive during the recent years and it is important that you innovate if you want to succeed online.

You cannot rely on a single way in order to drive traffic your site. In this article I will be providing 4 different ways how you can promote your niche website and I hope that you will find it useful.

If you are running a niche blog then we have previously written an article about producing quality content on Single Niche Blogs.

Niche Website
How to Promote a Niche Website

#1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The very first thing you will want to carry out will be to optimize your niche websites for the search engine. As an illustration you’ll want to ensure your keywords are present throughout the web site and in the Title and Header tags. Do not add too much though.

Also make sure that you have got appropriate backlinks pointing for your site to ensure a good ranking online. For instance you will want to get backlinks from sites and blogs that are in the same niche as you or closely related.

#2 Guest Blogging

Secondly you might want to make full use of guest articles so as to help promote your website. The benefit of guest blogging is actually two-fold. The first thing it will help you generate some essential website visitors to your personal website from well-known blogs and website.

The second thing is guest blogging can allow you to definitely increase your ranking since it is going to be supplying some high quality backlinks from other niche blogs and web-sites so as to boost your search engine positioning.

#3 Promote on Social Media Sites

These days a great deal of traffic emanates from Social Media sites which include Facebook and Twitter and it might be important that your niche website is available on these media.

Ensure your Facebook and other social media buttons are in an obvious location and that website visitors can easily follow you on these internet websites. This will be a kind of list building in which you should be able to promote your services and products in the foreseeable future.

#4 Make proper use of Video platforms

You may additionally think about the development of small videos that you will add to websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. If your video is actually great, it’s likely that they will go viral and therefore draw some great visitors to your own web site.

There are lots of freelancers on the internet which will do that for a modest fee and this could be actually useful so far as visitors are concerned.

Relying on a single way to drive traffic to your website can be a big mistake nowadays. Only a combination of the above methods should be able to bring the necessary traffic in order to help your niche website succeed.

So which methods or tricks do you use to drive traffic to your website or blog ?


  1. Nice tips avina…creating short videos and sharing is the new one i came to know..what about link exchange will it be helpful..??

  2. Hi Avina,
    You can also; comment on related blogs, use article marketing, create a Squidoo Lens or Hub page and do your own on-page SEO correct.

  3. Thanks Avina Very Nice Tips, Easy to Understand all Bloggers

  4. I would like to think of SEO as really the foundation of it all, without SEO its hard to make it far in terms of the organic search results. You can certainly do without SEO if you can somehow get your website viral or well known by word of mouth, but not many can do it.


  5. Guest blogging is one of the right directions ton get more back links to your blogs. Thanks a lot for sharing your post on here 🙂

  6. I don’t get the whole idea of using social media to promote a niche site. Maybe it depends on the niche; still trying to figure out how to use social media to boost my niche.

    In the very recent past article marketing was a huge part of promotion, but I think this tactic is now replaced with guest blog posting.

  7. To get instant traffic guest blogging is the main source. And search engine is the one which brings traffic as time passes.

  8. another way to promote niche website or blog is by commenting other blog that had the same niche with you – let other know about your blog by that way.

    thanks for your tips

  9. Hi Avina thank you very much for your tips! I agree with you about guest posting! You can instantly getting traffic by writing guest posting.

  10. well said about “Make Proper Use of Video Platforms”…..the word proper being of huge importance, many people do not believe or think that is important but it is.very much so and more importna tnow then ever before…………………………with so many videos going live it is important that videos are kept to a a good quality…

  11. According to Me SMO is Best

  12. I loved this post. I’ll be follow this tips to promote my post!

  13. Knowing what marketing tactics are bringing you the traffic, which sources are bringing targeted traffic and which aren’t is also a part of it.

  14. Search engines and social media sites really helps to promote site. Make mini sites on Squidoo, Hubpages, use Face book , stumble, digg, twitter, forum participation,link building and article submission, Blogs Comments Posting etc.

  15. A very insightful and helpful blog. Although videos do offer a great visibility medium they often tend to make pages load slower. I feel if it is a corporate site(B2B), care must be taken to place the videos exactly where required. What do you think?

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