An Overview of the New Facebook Messages

Facebook Messaging System

It’s been a couple of months since Facebook gave us the Invite to it’s New Message system. A month later the Social Media giant introduced the new Facebook Profile Pages. And now this month finally they have unveiled the new Messages System. Today they have given access to the new Messages System to most of Facebook users. Maybe the left over users will also get to see the new Messages Inbox within a week or two. To be frank enough, I don’t see the new Message system to be as mind-blowing as it was expected to be.


With the hype around the new Message System, it was sounding as if there will be a certain revolution in messaging & conversing between people. So lets take a look at what the new Facebook Messaging System has to offer.

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E-Mail System


The new Messaging System includes a separate Email System by which you can perform all the tasks which you normally do in GMail. Thank God that Facebook hasn’t placed lot of options like we have in GMail, else it would be another competition for Google. It has placed some important functions like Quick Reply.


Before when we used to press enter the message used to be sent directly. That’s because Quick Reply was enabled by Default. Now they have provided a Separate option to Enable/Disable Quick Reply.

Other Messages


Yes, that’s what Facebook Calls for SPAM Messages. Group Messages directly go into the Other Messages Folder. When you join plenty of groups which sents Messages to you on every event; it’s pretty irritating. Before we had the only option to delete such messages. But now it’s not a big problem as we don’t have to look into such messages.

Send Messages as a Text Message


The new Messages System allows us to Compose Messages & to text those Messages provided your friends have added their phone Numbers in their profiles/phonebook. So it will help to message your friends quicker & free of charge.

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Do you think this new Message System is really Promising enough as it should’ve been ??

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  1. facebook messaging system is pretty good as compared to gmail but still not able to find the way to insert digital signature in facebook messages. hope i will find it pretty soon

  2. Thanks for notifying us, how you guys get this news ?

  3. The rate at which facebook is going I think gmail really needs to start doing something big.

  4. I am seeking assistance for my business to be promoted at FaceBook and Myspace any good company offering such services�any recommendation through?

  5. Damn you got the New Messages. I havent got them yet 🙁

  6. it was pretty gud but i thnk we cant embed html content in that..if they includes even that it wil b fine..

  7. Facebook Messaging System is not as good as it was expected

  8. How to disable this feature? It’s so annoying.. Chat messages sending to inbox as new messages.

  9. I absolutely hate the new message system. Every message you ever had with someone will become merged into “one ongoing conversation” which means your entire history will load into one freakishly long page. My computer lags like crazy whenever I try to check my messages, and if I scroll up to click out of it facebook loads older messages automatically without my consent and then drags me back to the bottom. It takes several tries just to get out all the while slowing my computer down so much an MP3 playing in the backgrounds begins to stutter and the mouse moves weird.

    It’s a completely HORRIBLE idea and worse that facebook is forcing it on people. I want to find a way to opt out.

    Maybe if you only talk to someone once in a while it can be a good experience, but some people will try to have separate conversations with the same person. In one thread I sent an essay to be proof read. I submitted every revision. In another thread I talk about music. In another dreams. Etc. Now all those threads are jumbled together, plus every older thread for the past year or more. It’s a nightmare.

    It needs to be OPTIONAL! I hate these mandatory changes all these stupid social networks keep thrusting on people.

  10. The merged conversations are a great idea… until you remember that messages are not ongoing conversations.

    Each message is a new topic, with a new subject line. They should NOT be merged together. How can I have two different ongoing conversations, about two different topics, with the same person? With Facebook’s new system, I can’t. The human thought process is being dictated by limited functionality.

    Also, the new archive of messages is terribly confusing and almost impossible to search through. For instance: I’m trying to find a conversation I had with Bob, Billy and Brian. Not so easy with the new inbox.

  11. I opted for the facebook email like a year ago …. so far nothing!

    I have received invites from 5 of my friends

  12. For the love of… How do you frikkin, disable this leetchie, paw-paw loving, mango peach, banana sucking “quick reply”, can’t mango, paw-paw scroll down when I try and write a normal text Facebook message! It’s really sucking the fruit salad out of me!

    Stop playing with the fruit arrangement Facebook! When the watermelon is not leaking don’t pick the plums!

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