5 Apps to keep an Eye on Social Media

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A Social life in a direct sense is seen in less proportions these days. Probably it’s the oldies who interact directly with a friend/relative than the youngsters. Today, we depend a lot on Social Networking sites mainly for interactions, collection of News, etc.

We are Social but not in a direct sense i.e. we don’t interact directly, but we interact almost virtually. The Social Media effect has affected many a lives.

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Mainly comprising of school & college students. Because one’s they start talking about the Internet; it’s a Social Networks name which comes first from their mouth. Currently it’s Facebook i.e. coming out from their mounts. It will take time for them to adjust with Twitter.

So as the Social effect is increasing day by day, the need for better management of different Social Networks has become essential. Here the 3rd party Apps comes into play. Look below for the Top 5 Apps which you should use to keep an Eye on Social Media.

#1 HootSuite


A few months back HootSuite became HootSuite5 with an elegant design, better use of coding specially when it came to the usage of HTML5 on the site. It’s tabbed & customizable functionality makes it very user friendly.

If you’re a newbie to Social Media then I would personally recommend HootSuite for better usage.

#2 TweetDeck


TweetDeck is another popular desktop client. HootSuite & TweetDeck more or less provide the same features. The difference between them is that HootSuite is a Web based client & TweetDeck is a desktop based client.

So for using TweetDeck you need to install the Adobe Air application since TweetDeck is developed in Adobe Air.

#3 Brizzly


Brizzly is a web-based app. It provides extra features like showing an Embedded video in a tweet, when a video link (Youtube) is added in the same tweet. Check out the new twitter preview & you will notice that a similar function was added in that.

You can also form groups in Brizzly & follow the trends therein.

#4 Seesmic


Seesmic applications ranges from an iPhone app to a web-based client. So it covers almost all the systems which are commonly used during work hours. Earlier Twitter used to promote Seesmic on our page, due to which it has gained so much popularity.

#5 Radian6


Radian6 might sound new. Though it doesn’t hold much power when compared to the above 4 mightly web & desktop apps. It is growing day by day. The main aim of Radian6 is to bond Enterprises with Social Media.

So which among the above you use to keep an eye on Social Media ?? Or Have I missed some imp apps which you use regularly ?

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  1. Nice to introduce 5 applications briefly in one article. I generally review one application in one post.
    But with your approach, a reader would know quickly a bunch of useful applications.
    Keep up your good work! I always enjoy visiting your blog and learning something new.

  2. good collection of five apps.

  3. Cool. apps…

    keep listing…..

  4. I am a fan of hootsuite and tweetdeck but as tweetdeck is resource killing I use hootsuite. How about you Mani?

  5. I think HootSuite is the best of all. It’s HTML5 rocks too… Thanks Mani…

  6. Hi Mani, Thanks for sharing these apps list. I have a doubt in my mind. Hootsuite is premium right? How many sites can we manage with a free Hootsuite account?

  7. I’m really living in a different social climate. When I adopted my daughter I never expected approval and never felt like anyone approved. A lot of people were sort of neutral but a lot of people were mean and negative about it..

  8. Hi Mani Thanks for sharing this list. Well my personal favorite is Hootsuite…its truly amazing… 🙂

  9. Tweet Deck is the one i always use. I will also try other apps, they are also looking good.

  10. good apps for social media

  11. Will give these apps a try! Thanks…:)

  12. Yeah.. Hootsuite and Seesmic is the best. I think. 😀

  13. i use tweet deck, everyday. it is very handy….

  14. i heard lots good reviews for Hootsuite which force me to try it. anyways great collections !

  15. thank you very much for a very informative article as always. getting updated information on social media apps and how they can improve the quality, ranking, and traffic of your blog is very important to many of us who have such a niche specific blog. Again, thanks for the information.

  16. Thanks for the discussion of the 5 apps to use, I was familiar with and use 2 of them but was not aware of the 3 others. Brizzly sounds really great for putting videos up with your tweets, can’t wait to try that one….

  17. These application are wonderful to stay connected with social networkings.

  18. Hello Mani,

    I used only TweetDeck in SMO apps. ANd its really amazing for me..

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