5 Tips to Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog

Increase Alexa Rank

If you read a list of questions that bloggers ask the most, then you’ll always find a question which asks – “How to increase Alexa rank of my blog ?”. Well known bloggers who started blogging in the mid 2000s never worried about their blog’s Alexa Rank. But today, most bloggers are quite worried about their Alexa ranks. If you ask me, I would say it is important as well as unimportant.

  • Important because Alexa Rank is the tool which most advertisers use to measure a blog’s traffic and popularity.
  • Unimportant because Alexa doesn’t show accurate stats. So why to spend a fair share of your precious time in something which will hardly do any good for your blog.

So by now you must’ve got a fair idea of what Alexa rank is and whether it is important or unimportant for your blog. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to seriously Increase Alexa Rank of your blog or not. I would suggest that you follow the below mentioned techniques with the intension of increasing your blog traffic rather than increasing your Alexa rank.

I suggest that because these techniques not only increase your blog’s Alexa rank but also help in increasing your blog traffic. So ultimately you increase your blog traffic as well as make it more popular around the blogosphere.

Alexa Rank
Increase Alexa Rank

1. Focus on Increasing Blog Traffic

As I said previously, increasing blog traffic will automatically increase your blog’s Alexa rank. So if you produce quality content, promote your posts well then your Alexa rank is bound to increase. Yes I know you’ll argue that you’ve seen many blogs which have a good amount of traffic but their Alexa rank is far away from what it should be. I would have to agree with your argument as I’ve also come across plenty of such blogs.

But while inspecting such blogs, I have found that those bloggers simply don’t do enough to make their blog popular. Alexa looks for popularity and buzz a site or blog creates rather than actually the blog traffic. So don’t think that by getting thousands of unique visits/day you would get a decent Alexa rank to show to your fellow bloggers.

2. Take up Blog Commenting

Now I know this technique or tip is widely known. But what many bloggers don’t know is the answer to these three questions. So let me answer them individually.

  • Choosing the right Blog to Comment on – Many Bloggers go wrong here itself. Choosing the right blog is the very first step of effective blog commenting. To increase Alexa rank you need to choose High PR blogs, CommentLuv Enabled Blogs, KeywordLuv enabled blogs and the one’s which have the Top Commentators Widget or other linking benefits. So target such blogs which offer benefits to us, commentators.
  • Is it necessary to just randomly comment on other blogs without even reading a blog post – I would never ever suggest anyone to comment on blogs without even knowing the content fully. Make it a point to read the entire blog post or at least the important points before commenting. As I said earlier, don’t go with the intension of increasing your Alexa rank. You’ll end up as a spammer and it will certainly decrease your reputation as a blogger.
  • How much time should I devote towards Blog Commenting – I would suggest you to devote the minimum amount of time when it comes to blog commenting. Reduce your playing or other free time activities and put that extra time in blog commenting. I usually spend about 10-15 minutes on an average for reading and commenting on some good blogs that I regularly follow.

I hope you got some tips here as well with regards to Blog Commenting.

3. Increase your Blog’s Social Media presence

Alexa rank takes into consideration the buzz around a site. So if you don’t promote blog posts well enough in Social Media’s like Twitter, Facebook and most recently Google+ then you shouldn’t be expecting a good Alexa ranking for your blog.

The simple logic of Alexa ranking system is to measure the noise a site or blog makes anywhere in the Internet. You also need to take care that you don’t spam your timeline. So promote your blog posts effectively with the use of scheduling apps like Buffer, Timely.is and others.

Increasing your Social Media presence also includes creating separate handles for your blog posts and creating a Facebook fan page for your blog. Sometimes what happens is, you promote your posts with the help of scheduling apps but you don’t manually tweet non-links in between.

So when a person see’s your last 5 tweets he/she will find only your blog posts which will make that user unfollow you or prevent them from following you.

Some Facebook Tips :-

4. Submit to High PR/DoFollow Blogging Community Sites

I have already made a list of good and High PR DoFollow Blogging Community Sites which includes Blog Engage, Indiblogger, Blokube, MMOSocialNetwork and BizSugar. I prefer submitting to most of these sites as submitting a blog post to each and every Blogging Community is not easy and pretty much time consuming.

So always select blogging communities where you find activity in the form of Vote ups or comments. Make sure that you also vote up or comment on other’s entries. Use these blogging community sites smartly and see a drastic change in your blog’s Alexa rank.

5. Use Alexa Toolbar, Widget ?

Notice that I’ve put a question mark at the end of the heading. That’s because even I’m unsure whether an Alexa Widget helps in getting your blog higher Alexa rankings. But yes, I have noticed that an Alexa toolbar does help in increasing Alexa rank.

So always install an Alexa toolbar in your Firefox Browser or make use of Alexa Traffic Rank extension for Chrome.

Don’t be in the dilemma that only by choosing and implementing any one of the above 5 techniques can help in increasing the Alexa ranking of your blog. Believe me it won’t help unless you follow or implement all the above 5 techniques in place.

I would again insist on saying that first put in every effort to increase your blog traffic and eventually you will see an increase in the Alexa rank too.

So I hope these 5 techniques or tips would help you all in increasing your blog’s Alexa rank.

Do you know any other technique to increase Alexa rank ?


  1. Alexa toolbar tracks the blogs you visit, and obviously you will visit your blog many times that lead to get some good ranks.

    1. Why do alexa take page views instead of Unique visitors or any other criteria?

    2. I have done exactly what was said here , but it is not rreally helping me, a guy in my neighbor just wrote 3 article in his blog got a website rank of under 1million and i have written around 50 articles and getting 100-150 unique users per day but my rank is 8.5million and increasing, what to do really very disappointed. He said that he did the proper navigation , now whats that ?

  2. Don’t matters what the user have written on the article but i usually clicks if the title says anything about Alexa. Anyways you have written something unique. I have read many article on Alexa topic but here i got something new to learn about Alexa.

  3. Great tips …… with ref to #5: I see my alexa rank improving day by day after placing the alexa widget 😉

  4. Thanks for sharing Mani. I watch our Alexis ranking like a hawk. We were consistently moving up but the last couple of weeks we’ve been stagnant or even moving down. I’ll be using your tips to keep it going in the right direction.

  5. Really nice tips. I don’t use Alexa toolbar, but instead I use the SearchStatus widget in Firefox, does this help in improving Alexa ranking?

  6. Alexa visit count is purely widget and toolbar based. Even if you have 10,000 visitors on your site none using alexa toolbar, there will be no change in rank. If you put a widget on your site then all your visits will be counted for Alexa ranking. My blog was in 200k rank now that i removed the widget it’s somewhere around 600k . Another factor alexa considers for ranking is quality inbound links . Yes, you need a good rank to attract advertisers.

  7. I do usually concern myself too much with the Alexa ranking of my blog. As you mentioned, it is mainly use by advertisers when it comes to advertising on your site. They usually like to see a low Alexa rank and high Page Rank.

    I also find that most sites that have a low Alexa rank are those geared towards the blogging/online niches. It seems the audience of those niches usually have the Alexa toolbar installed and can then help a site’s Alexa rank decrease. When I started focusing more on blogging, and joined blogging communities I noticed that my Alexa rank started to improve because of it.

  8. Sorry, but as long as Alexa rankings do not affect my ranking in Google SERP, Do I not care about what I have in Alexa rankings.

  9. For the first part, recip links don’t help PR — do the math. While they still might help your rankings a little bit (which should be the bottom line), they won’t help your green bar move. The only exception is if one of the sites has much higher PR than the other,

  10. Very nice tips thanks for these but beside it i think Alexa tool is a very important part in online work and it helps us to know the status of our website ranking.

  11. Thank you so much Mani for given Alex ranking information on here. And, it should be most important part in the blog.

  12. I don’t really check on the Alexa ranking since the Panda update this year. Do you think that it has a huge difference with the regular PR set by Google?

    1. Me too, but Alexa ranking is still a very important traffic measurement method, at least for some advertisers.

  13. Very usefull tips. Thank you.

  14. Alexa rankings are not accurate at all. They just get their traffic meassurements from their toolbar and of you don’t have it then they can’t get your visit tracked down. And as the previous guys said, Alexa doesn’t improve SERPs so don’t give a lot of attention to it.

    1. John, I do agree that for the most part it is not accurate, however I find that the higher in rankings that you look, the more accurate that the Alexa rankings are.


  15. I never tried optimization on my blogs but now I realized the importance of Alexa. Taken it seriously this time.

    Thanks dear for adding such useful information.

  16. Alexa ranking is important to me, it is a tried and true measurement.

  17. I prefer point 4. By submitting our article in blogging community sites , we can boost alexa rank and also drive more traffic to our blog.

  18. I loved your article again as it has no competent. Further I’m waiting more articles like this. Thanks

  19. They just get their traffic meassurements from their toolbar and of you don’t have it then they can’t get your visit tracked down.

  20. Mani, I used to ignore Alexa Rank because I didn’t think it was that important. But it really can be at times and it’s just another tool we can use to track our progress. I’m doing most of the same things you mentioned and my rank is now under 30,000.
    My daughter has a blog and yesterday she got turned down by some affiliate program. The first thing I told her to do is install the toolbar and become more active at Blog Engage. I also like Blokube – and Blog Interact is up and coming too. Have you tried it yet?
    Have a great weekend Mani!

    1. Hi Ileane, good to know you’ve inculcated your blogging values in your daughter as well. Alexa Rank does matter sometimes. Nope, haven’t tried Blog Interact. Will head towards that site right away. Thank you for dropping by 🙂 Have a great weekend too.

  21. Nice post. I do many of those things except belong to blogging communities. Thanks for reminding me.

  22. Writing guest posts on popular blog of your niche can drive good amount of traffic and you know that traffic means good alexa ranks

  23. really very interesting blog but please help me in alexa widget… i am very confuse about it….

  24. I haven’t do anything special for alexa but in just 8 days rank inproved from 7 lakh to 3 lakh 🙂

  25. I am currently focusing on No.2 and no. 4 strategy. Rest I already did and had good experience.

  26. I have a question, whether the Alexa assessment is taken from Google Analytic? Because I saw a report by Alexa is the same with Google Analytic such as bounce rate, page views, etc? If this is true then we do not need to use every ways to increase your Alexa rank, because Alexa will return to see Google Analytic.

  27. Cool, these are great tips to increase Alexa ranking! Thank you for the sharing!

  28. Hey mani nice post. Well My alexa rank is increasing.

  29. You would have to promote alexa.com along with your site. Alexa ranking is based on those who have downloaded the alexa tool bar. So in short terms. If you are getting visitors to your site that do not have the alexa toolbar download then they are not helping to raise the rank of your site.

  30. Yes it is possible if you want tips how to increase Alexa Rank for better ranking in Google and other search engine and it is useful for your profit this article will be helpful to you.

  31. This is great tips, but this post tells more about marketers whose using Alexa rank to determine traffic of the site or a blog. The main conclusion is that Alexa rank isn’t relevant for traffic due to the fact that it’s count only visits with Alexa toolbar. I don’t know many people using this tool.

  32. Hi Mani,
    Thanks for the useful tips on how to increase one’s Alexa Rank. There are people who do not think that Alexa Ranking has any value, but there are times that it is a crucial aspect in judging how a particular site is currently doing.

  33. You would have to promote alexa.com along with your site. Alexa ranking is based on those who have downloaded the alexa tool bar. So in short terms. If you are getting visitors to your site that do not have the alexa toolbar download then they are not helping to raise the rank of your site.

  34. Hello Mani,

    I think Alexa depends only on visits to your sites. And it will became less if you have good traffic else it will work reverse.

  35. Hi, Neat post. There is an issue with your site in web explorer, may check this? IE still is the market leader and a good component of other people will pass over your wonderful writing due to this problem.

  36. Nice tips for decreasing alexa ranking of the site…

    regular posting and promotion also would make your alexa to get more better than before…

  37. Traffic is only a way that may increase you site alexa rank . So do SEO and other promotional methods to increase you traffic an alexa will increase automatically

  38. Hello Mani ,

    Alexa depends only on PCs on which alexa tool installed.

  39. Thanks for the informative update on Alexa rankings, Mani. I would say that most people think its not worth effort, but still Alexa rankings are important if you want to consider bringing more traffic to your blog.

  40. I stuck with the Alexa rank as it han’t been able to reach the top Alexa 100k yet although I am doing my best to increase the traffic. I realize that the rank is not really directly proportional to the pageviews. That’s why I am trying to forget the Alexa rank.

  41. [TRANSLATED] Thank you. Well this helps me a lot and I never see the alexa rank and that goes direct to the server statistics that I have designed me half 1600 daily visits.

  42. [TRANSLATED] I use the Alexa toolbar, not only because it is supposed to improve the positions, but because it is more comfortable to know our website’s Alexa.

  43. yes i always use alexa tool bar.also i prefer my visitors to use my alexa toolbar.its well worked for me.nice share 🙂

  44. Thanks Mani for great info.. I am facing the problem of low Alexa ranking. Hope these tricks may help me a lot.. Great sharing and post… 🙂

  45. I searched for this because I noticed that the main site that is beating me has an alexa ranking in the 200s whereas mine is in the millions although I have tons of quality content, a long time internet presence, and hundreds of visitors per day. its really annoying! Can Alexa ranking help me beat this low quality competitor? I really need to figure out what they are doing.

  46. I am looking forward to follow all these tips for my new blog tech-blogging.com and for my current blog too!! Well, A good Alexa Ranking always helps and gives a good branding to a website!!

  47. Great post! I agree we should first focus on our blog traffic than Alexa rankings. I would rather develop a quality site with a solid base of fans than just pump up my rankings. Thanks for sharing, keep up the blogging!

  48. This is great information for increasing your ranking. It definitely helps increase your profitibility from advertisers and customers typically trust websites with a better ranking.

  49. Great tips! Each and every point is well explained!

  50. Nice Post… It is very usefull… Thanks for your effort.

  51. Nice article Mani, I like this sentence #1 Focus on Increasing Blog Traffic, I really don’t care about the Alexa Rank, but while getting advertisement on blogs Alexa Rank also important i think

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  53. I’ll follow your methods for sure 🙂

  54. Well helpful article for newbies. Although Alexa rank is not accurate but plays very important role in attracting advertisers and other clients.

  55. I like all the 5 tips, I think these tips are enough to improve alexa ranking of any blog

  56. Great tips to maimixe the Alexa ranking..i was searching for it to increase my new blog alexa rank.Let see how it will go after followed these tips.Thanks 🙂

  57. You have some unique tips here that I’ve not seen on other posts on Alexa (which I’m researching now). Thanks for sharing.

  58. thank you mani nice tips what i was not doing above listed things is not installed alexa toolbar so now i installed and measuring some change.

  59. very usefull tips, thanks

  60. Great article. Thanks for this very useful info-tips

  61. thanks for the great inputs, am a newbie in blogging and have 100 visits per day , but the alexa rank won’t move a bit , was looking for answers , i found some great inputs from this article of yours.

  62. Great tutorial! This is what i do in increasing my alexa ranking. For starters out there, Alexa ranking is important since Google love their Rankings. Most likely is that if you have good Alexa rankings, you’ll get good Google PR and high rankings in search engines. High rankings and Good Google PR will give you tons of traffic and builds your credibility online.

  63. Nice I didn’t realize that blog commenting could affect your alexa ranking.

  64. Yeah, you’re right. It’s the first time that I read about alexa ranking increasing due to blog commenting. As far as I read, alexa widget and alexa toolbar are responsible for better rankings.

  65. Hi Mani, nice post, thanks for sharing your knowledge.I should add also that we can increase our Alexa Rank asking for reviews of our sites.Some topics work better for Alexa rank, as technology, blogging or SEO, because webmasters are usually inclined to have the Alexa toolbar installed, so if they visit your site, this will be counted.

  66. [Translated] I uploaded many positions in the ranking of Alexa, very good information, good input.

  67. Blog commenting is one of the best option to get more and more traffic to your site. And the information shared here is just awesome. Thanks a ton.

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  69. Hi
    Thanks for sharing this nice post.
    Installing Alexa toolbar and Alexa Widget will be useful in this case.It will be counted as traffic by Alexa.

    Thanks again

  70. valuable tips to increase Alexa ranking after Panda updates every one is going with it however they don’t know that Alexa is still important for measuring traffic. fabulous post.

  71. Thanks for the do follow blog list, really great tip there, Mani.

    You can also use this in the search box to find em: site:.com inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “keyword” you can also add in “commentluv enabled” and you get some real good ones there too.

    Much easier to use your list though 🙂 Thanks!!

  72. I’m lucky to visit this link. This is a great post and having a very useful and helpful tips that we can do. Thank you very much for sharing and posting this article! Keep up the good work!

  73. very helpful tips..my alexa site rank is curently 2L coz of d recent penguin update 1.1…i got hit pretty bad and u see i m already indulging in blog commenting 😀 i hope i wil be back again!

  74. Either you have the awareness or not about the importance of contents I do not know but contents can be the ladder of success.Lets assume that you create a website, optimized it off page and on page very well, select a good domain name for it but if you have not a lot of words to express your idea than how people can find you in the deep sea of internet.In short not any website or blog can get more and more traffic or earn money with out contents.It dose not matter how they are strong or poor whereas they consist of some keywords an

  75. I read on some blog a few days before that the ranking is only important to those blogs which use adsense etc to generate income as the more rank the will have,the more they will generate but i am using Freebiejeebies.The social media method most appeal to me and the best way to advertise your blog on social media is a Facebook fanpage. I’ve started mine and got 23 likes yet…

  76. Great tips. I have downloaded the Alexa toolbar and will see if it helps.

  77. I just couldn’t leave your site before suggesting that I really loved the usual information an individual provide on your guests? Is going to be again often to check out new posts

  78. Hi! This is kind of off topic but I need some help
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    I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m
    thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Appreciate it

  79. Hi Mani, since 1 week I am searching for how to improve my alexa rank but not found any good way. But your this post give me a good and easy way to improve my alexa rank.
    Thanks for posting such a awesome post.

  80. great tips that can follow easily. thank you angain

  81. Thanks for your advices. I will try it, and I hope I can get a better ALEXA Rank as soon as possible. Have a nice days… ^_^

  82. Fantastic post, very informative and helpful info here thanks

  83. I have heard that commenting on all sites does not always increase your backlinks. Many back links are blocked or cut off so they aren’t counted by search engines.

  84. Thank you for the post, will try to carry out some of these techniques.

  85. First of all thanks!

    i didn’t know before, that how we can improve alaxa rank?? and after reading your content it become easier for me that now i can improve the ranking!

    thanks again!

  86. Thanks for this wonderful post Mani…. hope this works 4 me… 🙂

  87. I have installed Alexa tool bar but it not seems any effect on my ranking in past 4 weeks?

    Very dissapoinnted for this, please help

  88. Very great article, I can imagine that posting stupid comments is not worth the time for anyone.

  89. Thanks a lot, I am searching on Internet – how can I increase my site’s Alexa rank, finally found it here() with full guide. keep sharing.

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  91. Nice Blog dear, awesome information about to any website owner of beginner of digital marketing…

  92. Really useful Post. Thanks for your efforts.

  93. Yes, this is not showing accurate results but all the clients will ask and their main focus will be on alexa rank only. So should concentrate on alexa rank too. To get improvements in alexa rank all these tips are more than enough. Mainly we should focus on traffic.

  94. Fantastic post, very informative and helpful info here thanks

  95. Thank you for sharing this tip and I believe these really works. Keep it up.

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