3 Simple Tips to Produce Quality Content on Single Niche Blogs

Written by: Muninder

Updated: February, 27, 2011

Well, it becomes difficult when your blog is based on a Single niche. Unlike Tech Blogs, in such Single Niched blogs it’s difficult to produce content daily.
I’m not talking about a blog having a Single niche, say Technology. Technology is a vast niche. It includes many sub-categories under it. I used to blog on varied topics when we started DailyBlogging.
Later I realized the importance of niche based articles. Nowadays you might be seeing that, I’m concentrating only on particular topics viz – Blogging TipsWordPressSocial Media & SEO.
Single Niched Blogs

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And if you notice closely you’ll see that the articles are more from my own experience rather than just using references to other blogs. Let me share with you some tips I use, while writing Niche based Articles daily.

1. Search in your Experience Kitty

If you’re experienced in that particular field, then you will hardly be facing any problems. What you need to do is turn that Experience into a nice Quality Post, which your readers would love to read & share.
The latter part of it mainly depends on your style of crafting posts. Every Blogger has his own style of customizing posts.

2. Read Blogs in your Niche

Reading is a vital part of blogging, similar to sharing in Social Media. Even if you’re very experienced in your field, there would be something which you may not be aware of. In such situations the best thing to do is read blogs in your niche.
Reading will not only add up to your knowledge but also will help in improving your style of writing.

3. Write Posts which Helps someone

When your Blog is based on a Single niche, you need to devote time & choose an Interesting topic. The topic should not only interest you, but also interest the readers. Suppose your blog is based on providing ‘Blogging Tips’, then you need to focus on such topics which will help other blogger’s to solve their problems.
For that you need to stay in touch with many blogs. Continuing from the point of Reading Blogs, here you need to advance a bit more. Start reading the comments posted on those posts.
If the comment relates to a problem, quickly write a post & reply with a link on that blog. Now a Question would be surfacing in your mind i.e. Doesn’t this mean that you’re promoting your blog post on another blog ?.
The answer to this ‘NO’, because you’re just trying to help the person who is facing a problem. If you still think it may leave a bad impression about your blog, then you take the person’s Email ID & contact him directly.
These are the few Tips one must follow to Produce Killer Content on Single Niched Blogs.
Would you like to add the forth tip ?


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