3 WordPress Plugins to Run an E-Commerce Site

WooCommerce - A Complete eCommerce plugin for WordPress

WordPress is often used as a blogging or publishing platform (like we do at DailyBlogging). But we must not forget that WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) as well.

As of today, the WordPress plugin directory has around 19,455 plugins which have been downloaded innumerable number of times. Many developers don’t even put up their plugins in the directory, so you can count a handful of those too.

Today we’ll be seeing the best 3 WordPress plugins which will help you to build a complete e-commerce (electronic commerce) site. I’ve left out WP e-Commerce from this list on account of the negative feedback received by it.

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce - A Complete e-commerce plugin for WordPress

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin built by the popular WordPress theme store, WooThemes. It comes with premium themes & extensions. However there are three free extensions, fortunately all of them are useful and have something to do with the payment gateway.

The feature list of WooCommerce is quite long. The highlights being:

  • Wonderful back-end Admin panel
  • Compatibility with majority of the WordPress themes
  • Customizeable style & features
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Sidebar Widgets (with short-codes)
  • And basic e-commerce features (PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cash-On-Delivery as a payment gateway system, sales reports, email notification to the buyer, etc.)

2. eShop


eShop works very similar to the way WooCommerce does. Both use the page template type to create e-commerce pages (like My Accounts, List Orders, etc.) Although eShop doesn’t have an extensive feature list, it comes with most of the things that an e-commerce site needs.

It lets you upload downloadable products (like an mp3 or pdf file). You can also download the site sales reports from the admin panel. eShop is compatible with WordPress MultiUser (WPMU) & WP Affiliate.

3. TheCartPress


Now for the third & the last e-commerce WordPress plugin, I had to choose between TheCartPress & WP Online Store. The latter, which uses the osCommerce code has a long feature list but I felt that TheCartPress is more organized in the way it functions.

TheCartPress has many extensions & premium themes to work along with the core plugin. Some of the important features of TheCartPress are listed below,

  • Offers a multi-language e-commerce solution
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Related products, reviews/ratings
  • Payment gateway plugins – PayFlow Pro, PayFlow Link, BarclayCard, PayMate, PayWay, FreshBooks & Ceca
  • Theme compatibility
  • TheCartPress plugins
  • TCP Hooks – Actions & Filters
  • SEO Compatible (Yoast’s WordPress SEO & All In One SEO Plugin)
  • Works with WPMU
  • Different user roles (Merchant & vendor)

There are many other popular e-commerce plugins in the WordPress directory, but I had shortlisted the above three. Would love to hear better alternatives to any of these in the comments section. Before you run away from this page, check out the best WordPress SEO Plugins & 7 Spam Plugins for WordPress.

Have you tried these e-commerce plugins on your WordPress site ? If yes, which among these is your favorite ??

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  1. WooCommerce is the best and I use it for my clients.

  2. Who support CCAvenue payment gateway among them? It would be good if you can shed more light on it.

  3. which ones support Payments gateways like, EBS, CC Avenue and other payment gateways?

    also, how easy or tough it is to integrate it with them?

  4. This is an interesting set of plugins. I use a third party platform for my ecommerce store, but it is nice to know that If I ever want to turn my blog into an ecommerce site or add one to it that I can.

    Nice reviews on the plugins

  5. What do you think about WPEC WordPress eCommerce by GetShopped compared with the other plugin described here?


  6. One thing is very clear if we want to see result in our favor then we should apply these kind of plug-ins for our work which will be give better result than earlier.

  7. wordpress is like a factory producing new things. I need to learn how to use wordpress and get rid of blogger.

    1. Hi Sanjay, WP is really a great platform for any blogger. You would surely not regret it should you decide to switch from Blogger to WordPress.

  8. eShop seems to be simple enough for starting entrepreneurs, but I think WooCommerce offers much more than eShop. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ecommerce plugins for WP.

  9. I think WooCommerce will be a great plugin for those who would like to sell stuff online. Thanks for sharing!

  10. WooCommerce is the best one, that is an amazing plugin comes from the house of WooThemes..

  11. The credited amount of info is grasping.
    I am happy to know about updated knowledge.
    My opinion is to keep this up in a good and positive manner.

  12. cartpress is the most customizable, powerful, flexible and scalable. It Opens amazing possibilities.
    But others have more ‘easy’ themes.
    I prefer to work with my own theme and the powerful options of thcartpress.

  13. WooCommerce is the best one, that is an awesome tool comes from the home of WooThemes..

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  16. I know only about WooCommerce, Thank you mentioning others !

    Can you Tell me how to Add Paypal Working Button, for Blog ! Some WordPress Plugin are outdated.

  17. Useful And Valuable plugin Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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