Add a Transition Effect to Announcements with WP Fade In Text News Plugin

Written by: Muninder

Updated: April, 25, 2011

It’s the time period where most of the bloggers use HelloBar, MaxBlogPress Subscriber Magnet bar & Viper bar to attract the visitors attention and make their stay a bit longer on a blog. Up to a certain extent, it did work as well. But when you see something over and over again, you get bored right ? The same is the case with your visitors. Those ‘Alert’ Messages are static & may bore your visitors.
Obviously, you can manually change them and add new messages or alerts every day. But that adds up to the time you spend on your blog doing extra things apart from really writing posts and publishing them.
As we all know WordPress has an extensive plugins directory which features lots of plugins made by talented developers. Also, you can have a look at the Top 10 WordPress Plugins I use here on DailyBlogging. So stop spending your time on manually updating or changing the alert messages because the solution to your problem is WP Fade In Text News Plugin. [LINK]

WP Fade In Text News Plugin
Add a Transition Effect to your Annoucements with this plugin

Just download the plugin from the above link or directly add it from your WordPress Dashboard. Activate it & go to the plugin’s settings page. The configurations are pretty easy & to help you out the plugin comes with a custom set of messages. Those messages can even be hyperlinked and ordered as per your choice.
So I don’t think you’ll face any problem in configuring it. In case you still face one or two hiccups while installing or configuring it, then post a comment with your problem. The only area you’ll wonder HowTo go about, is the adding part. Don’t worry, just refer the next paragraphs below to get an idea on how to add it on your blog.

Adding the ‘WP Fade In Text News’ Plugin to your Theme & Posts

When I installed the plugin first, I wondered how to add it to my theme’s page. But after visiting the plugin’s homepage & reading the author’s instructions I got to know the codes. I hope the next time the author updates this plugin, he adds a list of instructions in the plugin’s configurations page itself.
Ensure that you add it only once on a single page or post else it will lead to conflicts between the two jQuery scripts.
1. Add it to your Theme – Use this code, <?php if (function_exists (FadeIn)) FadeIn(); ?> to add WP Fade In Text News plugin to your Theme files. The header part of the site would be a preferable region.
2. Add the Fade In effect in your Posts or Pages – The beauty of this plugin is that, it comes with shortcodes which can be executed within your posts or pages. Shortcode : [FADEIN_TEXT_NEWS GROUP="sample"]
3. Drag and Drop the Widget – Adding it as a widget won’t be a problem for you as you’ve to just go to the Widget’s page located under the Appearance section & drag and drop the widget.
Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t come with a CSS file. But the good thing is that both the messages division (div) and hyperlink (a) tag comes with a CSS rule. So, we are required to just define & style it in our theme’s CSS file. If you know basic CSS, then it will be easy for you style it the way you like.
If not, wait for my next HowTo post on styling this plugin to make it look elegant and catch the eyes of your visitors. Also, styling the hyperlink requires a bit of plugin editing, so I will do a separate post on that rather than lengthening this post. Till then stay tuned to our RSS Feeds / Daily Updates.

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