6 Tips to build a highly Successful Blog

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Did you know that only a measly 5% of the bloggers become highly successful financially and who also eat up a big meaty chunk of the online revenue?

That’s because most of the people who plunge into blogging or internet marketing are misinformed about blogging and think of online money making as an instant tea or a magic bullet formula that will make them rich overnight.

But when they see that it’s not happening, their dreams come crashing down and expectations begin to crumble. I really don’t want that to happen with you. This article will guide you through those crucial steps of starting a blog or an internet marketing venture that directly affects your online success in the long run.

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Hard work and patience leads towards Success!

1. Think of Blogging as a Real Business

You must never consider blogging as your pastime hobby or take it in a casual way if you want real financial benefits out of it. An online business must be taken as seriously as any other brick and mortar business and must approach it with utmost professionalism and discipline.

You must devote your heart and soul for it by nurturing it everyday with care to transform it into a flourishing online empire.

2. Choosing a Profitable Niche Market

This must your first step before you even think of starting a blog. I have heard many gurus preaching that you must only build a website around a topic in which you are an expert. It is absolutely valid if you are not expecting much financial gains from your blog or blogging is just a hobby for you.

But if you are a businessman, then just starting a blog around your favorite subject might not be financially beneficial unless your topic has a hungry market. So doing a solid market research is absolutely crucial before starting a blog.

But worry not! It’s really easy to do a strong market study with these powerful tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Google Insights.

These tools will easily give you an in depth analysis of your targeted niche market in just a matter of minutes. Most importantly, you must try to choose a niche or a sub-niche that has a lesser competition and also has enough supply of buyers in the years to come.

e.g. Internet Marketing is a giant niche, but article marketing or email marketing can be called as a sub niche of internet marketing. Online guitar learning is a larger niche, but online blues guitar lessons is a sub niche of online guitar learning having a lesser competition.

3. Choosing the Right Domain Name and Hosting

This is the most crucial step that decides your blog’s success. After you have decided on your niche market, you must choose a domain name (eg. www.myblogname.com) for your blog which is highly relevant to your niche.

e.g. If you are going to start a blog that teaches how to play blues style on guitar, then your blog name must be learnbluesguitaronline.com or bluesguitarlessons.com or which contains your primary keywords i.e. learning blues guitar or blues guitar lessons and not just learningguitaronline.com or guitarlessonsonline.com

4. Choosing the best hosting company

This also plays a critical role in your blog’s success. If you end up choosing a bad hosting company then you are jeopardizing your online business. This can be in terms of your blog’s security, maintenance cost, smooth functioning, load time and management.

Your blog must be available for your visitor as and when he clicks on your blog’s link or types it in the browser address bar with minimum load time, if this doesn’t happen then you are risking your business in a big way.

So you must ensure that your hosting company is the best in the industry with a good reputation and value for money. I can tell you from my experience that I had a tough time deciding on a good web-host but I am glad that I finally got the best one.

Some of the best hosting companies that I would recommend are,

5. Choosing a Good Blogging Platform

The best way to kick off your journey as an online entrepreneur or a blogger is through a self hosted WordPress blog or by setting up a free blog at Blogger (by Google). There are many advantages of starting your blog on either of these platforms.

WordPress.org and Blogger blogs have all the Web 2.0 properties like comments, categories, archives, calendars, social media sharing etc which helps better ranking of your blog in the search engine listing.

Most importantly, you need not care about the blog design part as you have to just pick a theme and launch your blog, it’s as easy as that! All the coding and design are taken care by them. So you just need to write a post and publish.

6. Posting Useful Content on a Regular Basis

This should be the most important and on going activity on your blog. Search engines are always hungry for fresh, useful and unique content. So if you want your blog to rank high on the search eninge results and get more targeted traffic, you must have a regular supply of fresh content that resolves a problem of your reader.

Did you know that more than 90% of the internet visitors are in search of a solution to their problem? So your motto as a blogger must be to provide high quality, unique, useful articles, videos, or podcasts on a regular basis – at least once or twice in a week – that resolves a problem of your reader.

More the content and frequency of posts better are your chances of getting more traffic and ultimately making money! But do remember that quality is as important as quantity in the online world, as there are enough junk on the internet already.

You can write your articles on your own or you can employ a writer for that if you can afford to spend money on a content writer and/or don’t have time to generate content all by yourself.

In this post I have only discussed the most crucial factors that directly affect the success of your blog or your internet marketing business. There are a number of other techniques that you can use to drive traffic to your blog that I have not discussed here.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post and I really hope that these tips would help you in setting up a successful blogging venture.


  1. i am using a blogger and i love to work on it but many people have given me a suggestion to shift from it so whether i shift or remain on it. i want to know that blogger have any disadvantage??

  2. Nice successful blogging tips Deepak. It’s important to take blogging seriously and consider it a business if the goal is to profit from it. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, it should be; but there’s still a lot of work involved.

    I couldn’t agree more with starting out with the right domain and hosting. A lot of marketers and bloggers realize after they’ve invested a lot of time and money that they need a more reliable hosting solution or a better domain. It’s much easier to take care of that up front than play catch up after losing PageRank and traffic trying to correct the oversight.

  3. Bloggers often overlook the importance of domain and hosting but it is as important

  4. Each and every blogger wants to see good numbers of comments on his/her blog post but the thing is that how good number of visitors will come on that blog post for commenting in my opinion two things are really very important first one is content and second is best hosting company.

  5. that’s great article thanks for sharing,,,

  6. Good stuff! Have you done a post on the top wordpress plugins to use for a successful blog? Not just the ones that monetize your site but ones that make your blog look functional and professional? Just a thought@ Thanks for the tips!

  7. Thanks guys for all your valuable comments. It;s a great inspiration and encouragement to get good and bad comments. @Craig, yes I have written a post on WP plugins at Hellboundbloggers.com @Brian – Yes apart from being serious, blogging should definitely be fun and we must enjoy (and love) what we do.

  8. Thats pretty good stuff.It is quite beneficial for me and my blog.

  9. You mentioned posting on a regular basis. Would blogging once a week be enough? Or is the length of time between blog posts not so important as the regularity? Thanks!!

    1. Once in a week would be too less, twice or thrice would be better during the initial 6 months, then may be you can reduce it to once a week. Having a fixed posting frequency is always good to maintain the interest of your readers/subscribers !

      1. Thanks for replying! I kind of thought a couple times a week was about right. But I was hoping you would say a couple times a month 🙂
        (Blogging can sometimes be quite a bit of work) 🙂

  10. I’ve seen it happen too many times- businesses skimp on hosting and end up dealing with lots of problems. If you rely on your web property as a primary form of business leads and sales you can’t afford to have it not working even for just a few hours. It’s worth spending extra money for a good hosting service.

  11. Excellent tips for a newbie and for experienced person too.Every necessary point mentioned above should be included.I always look to make according SEO compatibility.

  12. I would prefer to go for a self hosted blog and before putting the blog live, do the keyword research. Excellent tips Deepak.

  13. Hey this is some good down to earth information on blogging for the rest of us. I’ve started several blogs and had to re-start because I didn’t know the basics. But hopefully my current blog with be successful at last.

  14. niche selection is first step before starting blogging.

  15. very nice explanation Deepak Eapen , i think niche is play very important role here

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  18. Of course blogging is not easy, because, building trust and authority does not happen overnight and you have to build it online. building online trust and authority is not that easy. That what others do not know about. Time and effort goes together.

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