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HowTo Create Custom Themes for Firefox and IE using BT Engage



Often we get bored of default skins or browser themes. A few years ago Firefox introduced the concept of Personas where in you can download and install the choice of browser themes you like. But developing personas isn’t an easy job unless you’ll a desired set of background images and main logo’s. There are many... Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics Intelligence


Google Analytics

Link building is made easier with Google Analytics, with their URL Builder and the auto-tagging feature of AdWords. Analytics can be used to enhance a marketing strategy, and to monitor dimensions and metrics of web pages. The measurements that can be made with Analytics are numerous, and this post covers three features you may not... Read More

HowTo Get Google Music Invite Outside US


Google Music Invite

A few days ago Google secretly launched their new service – Google Music which is currently in the Invite only Beta Stage. I remember in 2010, Google had launched a Music site specifically for Indian users. It was tagged as a Labs edition (just for testing purposes) due to which; the addition of music to... Read More

How to find the Search Engine Traffic of any Site


Search Engine Traffic

So how is May going for you ? Hope, it’s rocking & you are able to make every day productive enough. If you are a regular reader of DailyBlogging, you would know that we release the Traffic Stats for every month and a couple of days ago, we released the Traffic Stats for April and... Read More

HowTo Increase PC Speed


Speed Up your PC

This is a Guest Post by Dave Cooper who writes for TopSpeedScan, a site which develops different ways to increase pc speed. When you buy a new PC, it works with great speed, but as time passes, you begin noticing speed changes. Things get slower and annoying, until it’s impossible to work on it anymore.... Read More

How to Solve the Laptop Screen Flickering Problem


solve laptop screen flickering problems

First of all I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. In 2010 we started off as a small technology related blog. Currently, we have a reader base around 170. Thank you all for supporting us in a short while & may 2011 bring loads of success in your life. Lets shift... Read More

Virus Definitions & the ways to get rid of Adwares



This is a guest post by Jasper Joanna. If you want to post a guest post then Contact me for the time being. What Is a Computer Virus? A virus is a malicious piece of code which enters the computer system unknowingly, and often replicates itself, along with causing damage to files or other parts... Read More

HowTo : Remove the generator meta-tag in Joomla


Joomla Meta-Tag Generator

WordPress is considered as a giant Blogging tool but when it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS), Joomla is the king. Though both can’t be compared as they are used differently for different purposes. With Joomla you can build a CMS, blogging site (not popular, but it could be built up) & as it’s open... Read More