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Targeting SEO : By Language or By Country ?


Target SEO

This is a Guest Post by Christian Arno, who is the founder of professional translation agency – Lingo24, experts in the foreign language internet. If you also wish to write for us, then refer the ‘Become A DailyBlogger‘ page & Submit your Guest Post. To truly take full advantage of the international marketing opportunities the... Read More

Google +1 Button will Act as a Vote Up for Search Results


+1 button

Google is number 1 because it runs on a trial and error method. It gives us an opportunity to try out some new stuff. Like Gmail, Orkut had beta invites, even Google has an experimental version for us to try out and give the desired feedback. Today, the big daddy G unleashed another one of... Read More

SEO : Fix the ReplyToCom Spam Bot Issue and Prevent Content Duplication


replytocom spam bot

After we moved to Thesis, I reduced my visits to Google Webmaster Tools because I knew Thesis theme would do the job of SEO for me. But to my surprise, when I checked in today I found that there was a moderate duplication problem. It listed around 286 Duplicate meta-tags under the ‘HTML Suggestions’ section.... Read More

Do your keywords tick all the right boxes?


keyword checkboxes

This is a guest post by Ben Hook, owner of Navaro, a UK SEO company and Algobreaker, a website providing SEO tips to help you increase your online presence. Getting keyword research right can save you so much wasted time and spend when it comes to SEO, but so often people try to optimize for... Read More

SEO will remain unaffected by Google Instant’s Keyword suggestions



Last week, Google was celebrating its birthday. So one by one it was unveiling new things on itself. Started by the google html5 doodle, which was followed by Google Instant; though it left us something to discuss upon. Mainly the SEO factor. You must have seen that the Google Instant feature automatically suggests Keywords which may... Read More

Google Webmaster Tools has started showing Keyword Variants



Last month, Matt Cutts in response to a question put up on Tag clouds in the Webmaster talk YouTube channel had explained; how huge number of tags in a tag cloud could lead to Keyword Stuffing. Such Stuffing of keywords could drag the SEO juice out of a site’s content links (Main links) & pass... Read More

Top 5 ways to find SEO Jobs



Well these days SEO field has a lot of opportunists & growing day by day. It maybe a sector which is not known to many but needed by many to help promote their site,products,etc. People don’t know what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but need it badly. That’s the current situation. If you are one... Read More

SEO : Avoid Tag clouds to prevent Keyword Stuffing says Matt Cutts


Tag Clouds

Today, we see many bloggers coming up; building blogs either using blogger or Wordpress. They work pretty hard, achieve results. After all the efforts made by them for a period of 3-4 months they see average rankings and start comparing with the best in the blogosphere.