5 Tips to get an Approved AdSense Account


Well these days newbie bloggers just want to step into the blogosphere and start earning money right away. They just don’t seem to have a bit of patience.

That’s the reason they don’t become pro bloggers, because patience is one of main Pillars of Blogging.

Anyway getting onto today’s topic about Google AdSense. Have you heard of anyone saying that ‘I don’t want an AdSense Account’ ? Nope, anyone would obviously want to make money out of it.


Approved AdSense Account
An AdSense Cheque Received by QOT

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But Google has learnt lessons from the past & it is pretty strict these days with the Approval process; specially for Asian users (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc). So today I’m going to list out 5 Tips to get an Approved AdSense Account. Lets start with the first one.

1. Produce Quality Content

The first and foremost thing you must do to get an AdSense account is to produce quality content. Yes, I know it’s difficult for any new blogger to just start writing killer posts. You don’t have to write brilliant posts, just stop publishing rubbish or worthless content. Google hates such valueless posts.

2. Never Publish Copied Content

Don’t try to be smart by publishing copied content & saying that it’s a quality post. Yes, the content may be a quality one, but once copied it losses all it’s quality.

By copying posts you are not only lessening your chances of getting an approved AdSense Account, but also you are giving an Open invitation to search engines to penalize you. It effects your On Site SEO badly.

3. Fill up the Application Form Correctly

Something you’ve quality content, promote your posts nicely to invite good quality traffic; but you fail to be serious enough while filling the AdSense Application Form. Never fake your name, address or phone number.

The verification is done by a group of people, not by bots. I did the mistake of signing up on PayPal with my pet name (alias). Now, I’ve to open a new account to link my bank account or cards.

So, proof read after you’ve filled the Application form for spelling mistakes, blank spaces, etc. If your personal information doesn’t match with the information on your domain registration then your Application will be Rejected by AdSense team stating a ‘Page Type’ Error.

4. Make your Site Easily Navigable

Making your site Easily Navigable is very important, before you submit your AdSense Application for review. If your site is pretty much congested, then you can forget the thought of getting an Approved AdSense account.

Remember, AdSense team wants your visitors to genuinely click on their Advertiser’s ads. As far as possible try using a white – grey (shade) as your blog’s background.

5. Wait for 6 Months before Applying for AdSense

By this heading ‘Wait for 6 Months’ I don’t mean to say that you just need to buy a new domain and keep waiting for the 6 month period to get over. What I mean to say is, to write some 50+ quality posts, invite good amount of traffic i.e. at least 100-125 Unique Visits per day.

Yes, this is a rule for only Asian Countries. But even if you are staying abroad & you get approval within few weeks of your blog’s launch; will your earning be more than a dollar a day ? Nope, you still need quality traffic to earn more.

Finally, if none of the above 5 Tips seem to work for you, like it did for me then go to AdSense Revenue Sites like Indyarocks, YouTube, etc and apply from there. I would still recommend you keep working hard on your blog’s content rather than going for revenue sites.

Hope you liked these tips & it helped you in getting an AdSense approval for your blog or site.

Have you struggled to get an Approved AdSense Account ?

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  1. How about your current GA income mate? BTW, you can use the third party site to register an GA account too.

    1. I don’t blog to earn money. At the moment my GA income alone can pay my domain + hosting bills. btw, I did mention that I used Indyarocks to get an AdSense account.

  2. Good tips to prepare ourselves before applying for an Adsense account. “Google pays me $173 an hour” – is this real or not?! 🙂

    1. It is a advertisement from technorati media but this can be true for sure if you have good knowledge of adsense research . I know few health blogs , which are updated by Doctors itself and because of quality information and organic traffic they get paid high cpc too .

      1. @Jasmine, yes Atul is right. It’s an advertisement from Technorati Media.

  3. Getting adsense account is getting tough these days,well great points

    1. It is tough specially in Asian countries. Thanks for Stopping by Mohit.

  4. Hi Mani, thank you very much for your tips! Yes it’s very difficult right now if you are apply an adsense account. I think I’ll give this article for my friend. Because last time his adsense was banned by google. Right now he want to apply it again. He must read this article.

    1. Thank you in advance for referring your friend to this article. Hope it helps him to get an Approved AdSense Account.

  5. hey mani nice tips…i have applied for adsense recently but they rejected saying “domain ownership not evident” ..what shud i do..can u help me to solve this problm..

    1. Just make sure whether you’ve your domain registered with the same name with which you applied for AdSense. The WHOIS Info & your Personal Details (i.e. Name & Address) should match.

      1. This is not making any sense. I can register a domain name in my mom’s name or in my dad’s name. and I can run the website.
        If Google want the real verification, they can do SMS or Phone verification.

  6. some people click on their own ads to earn more money and they will be banned by google immediately

    1. Ya, Google’s tracking is quite powerful.

  7. one of my friend didnt get adsense approved normally but when he applied from indyarocks he got approved 🙄 and they give 100 percent revenue share 🙄

    1. That is a good deal friend. My buddies also get Google Adsense account by applying via this third party partner. However, the true myth is how to generate much bucks from it.

      1. Hi Vuong would you mind to give me the link of adsense third party? thank you

      2. Well it’s not a myth. Blog for helping people & money will flow in. That’s the mantra, follow it!

    2. Good for your friend. Indyarocks does give out 100% Revenue share. But still Google AdSense cuts about 33% for itself.

      1. Well, that’s 32% to be exact. Adsense gives 68% of advertisers money to the publishers.
        Refer to this blog post :http://goo.gl/5lt38

  8. I read that for Google Ad-sense, Google will pay the web site owner a portion of the revenue received from the advertisement. What is the formula that Google uses to calculate that portion? What is the approximate percentage of that portion from the whole?Thanks for the assistance.

    1. Yes, you’ve read it right. Google AdSense pays ~67% to us & the rest is kept by them.

      1. @ Mani:

        Well, the revenue share is 68% in case of adsense for content and 51% in case of adsense for search. Google didn’t reveal the details of other channels of ads.

  9. Great tips Mani. But is it a most to wait for like 6 months before subscribing for AdSense?

    1. As I said, for Asian users it is necessary to do so. Non-Asian users don’t have to wait that long.

  10. Yeah, this tips will do. I also use these steps to gain approval from Google AdSense.

    1. Dana, hope you get an AdSense Account soon enough. Good Luck!

  11. Most of the newbie bloggers struggle to get approval for adsense. And most loose patience in the run. Hope this article would help them.

    1. Any blogger who aspires to be successful shouldn’t blog for money. But nowadays it’s a trend to blog for money. Can’t help it. Hope this post helps them fulfill their wish.

      1. Can’t agree more. Blogging with money in mind can’t be enjoyable. Somehow you find cracks in your blogging career midway.

  12. Great tips!

    Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Wow…! This is really good article for new blogger like me… Who wants to earn some $ through google AdSense…! These tips will help me to get Approved google AdSense for me.


  14. I had no website when i got my adsense approved. I got it approved through indyarocks.com 4 months back. It was pretty easy to get the adsense approved as i got it in just 7 days.

    1. That’s nice. But, take care to safeguard your account by displaying your ads on good, content-rich blogs of yours.

  15. Applying through Adsense revenue sharing sites might be the best way to get an approved Adsense account. But, don’t fall prey to those scam advertisements promising to get approved adsense account for some bucks without any site. Well, you may get an account..but might be deactivated soon and you may not apply again for life.

    @ Mani – It’s a request to add a note to people not to fall prey to those scams.

  16. I got my adsense approval with in 1 week, I applied through Indyarocks , i think i got it because of that!

    1. i applied thru conventional way annd they rejected my application saying wrong payee name 🙄 maybe coz my bllog isnt 6 mnth old.yesterday i applied thru indyarocks…..waiting for some gud news…..fingers crossed 🙁

  17. hw we apply by indyarocks????

    they also demand already approved account..

  18. thank you,but so many alternatives available for adsense.but adsense craze is really superb

  19. All bloggers must read this excellent tips before applying your blog for Google Adsense. 🙂

  20. I sign up in Google adsense in india. but i receive a message Your AdSense account has been disabled for a Terms and Conditions violation..
    How it solve
    my blog is 123arena.blogspot.com
    i start my blog in December 2011

    1. That means Google has rejected your AdSense application. Work harder on content and follow the above tips, only then resubmit an application.

  21. One thing which worked for me is using Email address like admin@domain.com.

  22. mani, nothing new in what you have said. This is what people had been saying since ages. I came to this site looking for something new!! still i appreciate your effort, but as a fan i ask for some really great tips

  23. hi iamsri,, i have doubt frnds i hav no any special domain for my blog, must want special domain for adsense?

  24. Higreetings.. :)Please can you tell me how Indyarocks.com can help me to open Google Adsense Account. ? What should I do for that? and what precautions should I take?thanks in advance

  25. I have a blog . I am not working on it anymore . I have changed my business and that is why i dont need it anymore. I want to sell my adsense account with domain if possible.
    contact : hennyvasaya@gmail.com

    1. Sorry, this is the wrong place to do so.

      1. i am sorry for that but pls dont delete that comment . I am in need of money and i want to sell my domain and adsense account quickly . I will be highly indebted.

  26. please provide how to fill adsence account specially for india because i never filled it please write a blog post to fill adsence form for india. with all thing like zip code and all.

  27. Dear Mr. Mani!
    Your post really stands-out. Hat’s off to that! But I have an earnest request. Could you please go through my blog whose URL is given above and tell me exactly what part of it’s content is “Unacceptable”. Please ignore the photos & the other ad-revenue network ads, since they were added just yesterday, somewhat in a mood of seeking revenge (I can do without Adsense) on Adsense when my blog was disapproved consecutively four times for “Unacceptable Content”, that too when it neither had any photo taken from internet nor any other ad.
    But now I am taking it as a challenge. I want my blog approved by Adsnese at any cost. Since you are an expert on Adsense, could you please suggest some sure-shot ways to get my blog approved this time. What exactly I should delete/add/modify in it to get approved this time. I would remain ever grateful to you for this act of benevolence.
    Thanking in anticipation of a sure solution,

  28. Amazing Articale Dear Mani i M Apply Ad sense Acount Trouh docstoc.com but first time show massage in red alert your is not full aproved acount under review after 4 day confirmation mail send you after 7 day red alert gone no action in adsense acount i m creating ads put on site after 10$ no action no hold what is this …… After some time i m recived the mail from Google your account significant risk so your acount is disable plz i m shocked what happend ????????

  29. good post. I will try myself

  30. hi this ravi kumar from delhi. I have got good traffic on my blog but still they are not accepting my adsense request. can you help me.
    you can send reply through this blog address


  31. Nice info bro . …
    A tips to all newbies go n get approved through doctoc in 12 hrs … 100 % working .

  32. Can any one help me …i have min.120 viewers on my blog.i have tried to filled/resubmitted adsense form 4 times..every time i submit form..it riplies insufficient adress..or other notices..can any one solve my problem..mail to


  33. Yes you are right that patience is a key of success

  34. Some bloggers says that we don’t need to be waiting up to 6 months domain age to send appplication, is that wrong?

  35. For asian countries it is really tough to get approved your adsense account. Your tips may be useful for newbies. But share what to do if your approved adsense account gets blocked or disabled by them? Share your knowledge..

  36. Hi,Mani good information but what happen if we using indyarocks or other site for adsense approval is it ok or not ?

    1. It is an alternative method to get an approved AdSense account. So it is completely ok.

  37. can a free blog get approoved at adsense?

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