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5 Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website Using Facebook


Facebook Traffic

This is a Guest Post by Praveen, who is a blogger & is associated with YouLoveCoupons. You can find the latest working Hostgator coupon code and godaddy coupon codes there. Bringing in more traffic to your website is a never ending process and this is like the everlasting spring for your website or blog. One of the... Read More

Sign Up to Get the +1 Button for your Website or Blog


Get +1 Button

Yesterday morning we posted about the Google +1 Button acting as a Vote up for Search Results. In that post, I had mentioned that Google is planning to release the +1 button as a Social Media button too. It will still take some months for the +1 button to come up for websites or blogs.... Read More

Buffer helps you to Keep up with the Evolving Twitter


Tweet Effectively with Buffer

This is a Guest Post by Leonhard Widrich, who is the developer of BufferApp, a tool which lets you to tweet effectively. Overtime, I realized the importance of Twitter & how much it contributes as a Social site. This quote by Mani from one of his recent blog posts is a spot-on thought about how... Read More

An Overview of the New Facebook Messages


Facebook Messaging System

It’s been a couple of months since Facebook gave us the Invite to it’s New Message system. A month later the Social Media giant introduced the new Facebook Profile Pages. And now this month finally they have unveiled the new Messages System. Today they have given access to the new Messages System to most of... Read More

5 Things that Changed Social Media in 2010


Social Media in 2010

The year is coming to an end in a few days, and weirdly this is the last Sunday of this year & also the first decade. So perhaps, you need to wait for 2011 to get a Holiday in the form of a Sunday. It’s Holidays, but this week has been quite hectic for me.... Read More

Facebook Profile Pages gets a Revamp


Profile Pages Revamped

From Couple of days, there were many people out on Facebook, who were giving out varied reactions about the revamped Profile pages. An hour ago I saw the new Profile page & updated it right away. They have made major changes in the design. A few months ago we had seen that facebook removed the... Read More

Do Digg counts determine your Blog’s Popularity ?


Digg counts

This is a Guest Post by Gunter Jameson who writes about several topics including travel, minimalism and online classes. Social Plugins are awesome. No doubt they are some of the best things you can put on your blog. They allow visitors to your site the ability to quickly and easily share your blog on individual... Read More

5 Apps to keep an Eye on Social Media


tracking social media

A Social life in a direct sense is seen in less proportions these days. Probably it’s the oldies who interact directly with a friend/relative than the youngsters. Today, we depend a lot on Social Networking sites mainly for interactions, collection of News, etc. We are Social but not in a direct sense i.e. we don’t... Read More