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Yesterday morning we posted about the Google +1 Button acting as a Vote up for Search Results. In that post, I had mentioned that Google is planning to release the +1 button as a Social Media button too. It will still take some months for the +1 button to come up for websites or blogs. Google will obviously release it after thorough testing and feedback from us (as it’s experimental) to ensure that it doesn’t repeat the same mistake when it released the Buzz button. Google Buzz came with a big buzz or hype around it and went with a big buzz too. Some websites/blogs still use it, maybe because they’ve a large number of followers attached to their Google Profiles.

The Google +1 button has also built a lot of hype around it. Some saying, that the +1 button is just another trick by Google to reduce the weight of filtering and ordering content from their shoulders. Others feel that it’s a pretty good move and they should officially release the +1 button sooner than later.

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Google has certainly indicated that it has big plans with the +1 button. After a few hours of it’s experimental launch, Google added a special page for Webmasters. This page will allow a website/blog owner to Sign up and book the +1 button for their websites/blogs. So, quickly go to their +1 buttons for Webmasters page and fill in your Email ID and Website address. Google will notify you via your email id when the +1 button is available.

Do you feel that the +1 button will be able to live up to the hype created around it ?

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  1. I certainly hope it does not. If it does, new blogs with much less followers will never be able to compete with popular bloggers with thousands of followers and thus, thousands of +1’s.

  2. Great info Mani. I saw the post on their site too but still wondering the effect of the +1 on blog. Would I plead for my audience to +1 my post or would they do it naturally if they find the post useful?

  3. Hi Mani, thanks for the sign up link. I already sent the request! Have a good weekend.

  4. Of course I like any new system that enables word of mouth about your service or product. However, it is a pain in the neck for to make sure you stay up with the times and make sure you have the latest social media ‘connection’ on your pages….In this case, Google’s +1

  5. this +1 button is just a imitation of Facebook’s like button.. but still it can be proved useful for bloggers..

  6. I really would like to see Google combine some of these services out there, like this with Google Buzz. It really gets to be a pain to see Google doing exactly like Yahoo! So far Google has not ditched as many products, so I signed up to get a notice for this.

  7. Thanks for the information Mani, getting onto it now.

  8. Google’s +1 looks cool. Will submit my email… 🙂

  9. Subscribed! Thanks for the info bro.

  10. I signed up by giving my mail id and website address but it shows me “Thanks for your interest! We’ll email you when the +1 button is available.” what is meant by these “available”. Is that not available now?
    Anyway Google once again copied Facebooks’s like button 😉

    1. It means, they will notify you via Email when the Google +1 Button is available.

      1. Hi Thanks for letting me know that,
        Also i need to know how much time will it take to receive mail from them? Till now i didnt got it 🙁

  11. Looking forward for +1 button. Will visit your blog again for more detail about it if you ever write about it.

    1. Even I’m looking forward to it. Will write more on it, as soon as they release or publish something imp. about it.

  12. Thank you so much. Just submitted to get this button

  13. I have signed. But, it still notification or beta version. I will wait for the launch

  14. Thanks for information Mani

  15. Its been almost 1 month. Still waiting for the launch

    1. It won’t be launched anytime soon. You can expect it after 5-6 months.

  16. @Author,

    I access Google +1 through my gmail account ,I think there is not need to create new account in Google to access Google+1.

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