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Written by: Muninder

Updated: November, 22, 2010

We have seen the evolution of web from simply Web to Web 2.0.
Now we have even started seeing the glimpses of Web 3.0. Now we have Ajax & jQuery to replace JavaScript.
Though Web Developers still continue to use JavaScript as they are used it from many years.
This is where we fail to update or even upgrade ourselves.
When we are using Softwares such as TweetDeck or Chrome & we see an Update popping up from the bottom of the Window, we tend to update it pretty quickly to their latest versions. Why don’t we follow a similar practice & apply it on our codes.

It’s pretty essential to be updates to the latest Technology. Google earlier in the year gave a glimpse of it’s HTML5 skills with the google HTML5 doodle.
The simple thing here is either Adobe should make some necessary changes in it’s Flash framework or the Ad Networks primarily dominated by Google should set the Windows Mode (wmode) option to transparent or opaque.

youtube_broken_flash_ad [Image Credit]

How to modify your current Flash Code

Your Code will obviously be without a transparent or an opaque wmode. So it will appear similar to the code placed below.
<param name="movie" value="http://example.com/movie">
<embed src="http://example.com/movie">

Now we will add the wmode tag. Note carefully that you can use both Transparent or Opaque as an Option in wmode & the Default value is set to window. To know in detail about the wmode tag & to see a live example of how all the three options work; navigate to CommunityMX.
Here is the modified code i.e. after setting the wmode tag to Transparent.
<param name="movie" value="http://adobe.com/movie">
<param name="wmode" value="transparent">
<embed src=”http://adobe.com/movie” wmode="transparent">

So it’s as simple as that. Just need to modify only a few lines. I’m supporting Flash Ads Are Broken by blogging about it, so that the ad networks will modify their codes. I urge all my fellow bloggers to Stand-up in this Initiative and force the ad networks to act on this issue.
You can support them by going to their Website Flash Ads Are Broken & using the Social Media buttons placed over there to it’s effect. James Yu the developer of “Flash Ads Are Broken” has also placed a form to submit your bad Experiences with Flash ads on sites.
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