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5 Ways How even your Grandma can Make Money Online


Make Money Online

Just a few years ago, only programmers could make money online. The tech-savvy cleaned up, while everyone else admired them! Now, however, things are very different. You can use many applications, programs, and strategies to make money without needing to know a lot about technology or the internet. Breaking into online business is something even... Read More

5 Tips to Shop Online Safely



Are you interested to do shopping online? Then what are the best and safest ways to do it? Online shopping carries many risks with itself. So now what are the ways to save your money as well as ensure a safe transaction while you are shopping online? Now a day’s passwords are easily cracked; so... Read More

5 Google Chrome Extensions for a better Browsing Experience



Google Chrome has certainly made its place among the best browsers in the web, but just bare chrome, i.e., with no extensions is not that much useful for daily working. To make your browsing more enhanced and better, chrome webstore has thousands of chrome extensions for you to add to your browser. Though the Chrome... Read More

Cloud Computing – It’s Importance & Advantages


Cloud Computing

For students entering colleges and universities for the first time, earning a degree requires tools that didn’t exist a decade ago—and cloud computing is one of the new tools students and their instructors are using. But cloud computing can do more than let users exchange data—they can also use it to collaborate and exchange ideas.... Read More

Microsoft Promotes Internet Explorer, Says ‘The Browser You Loved To Hate’


Microsoft promotions

It definitely seems like Microsoft has got very much excited after hearing some positive reviews of it’s pet child Internet Explorer 9 (IE). It’s good to be excited but over-excitement ain’t good. And that’s exactly what Microsoft has done by creating a separate website to take a dig on IE haters. The Browser You Loved... Read More

Posterous acquired by Twitter


Posterous Spaces

Posterous, the micro blogging platform has been acquired by Twitter. The exact price is still unknown & the range of acquisition is unclear as well. They’ve also released a FAQ page related to this acquisition by Twitter. To be honest the answers are pretty lame & just says, We’ll give you ample notice. Sachin Agarwal, the... Read More

Google concedes to add a ‘Do Not Track’ Button in Chrome


Chrome Do Not Track

Google finally agreed to add a ‘Do Not Track‘ button in it’s in-house browser, Chrome. Since the introduction of the SOPA act there has been a lot of talk about privacy and tracking. Most tech companies had taken a clear stand on whether they need to track their visitors and supply site resources (on-site features,... Read More

Get back the Old Google Accounts Sign-up form and avoid Google+


Google Accounts

Recently Google took a blatant decision to promote Google+ where ever it could find white-space. Due to this, Google has been at the receiving end of a lot of flak from social media and marketing experts. People are not annoyed with the intent to promote a company’s native social network on it’s own platform but... Read More