3 Tips to Get Killer Blog Post Ideas

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Sometimes it just becomes pretty much difficult for a blogger to generate quality content. The reason behind this is, that the blogger is not able to get killer blog post ideas.

If one doesn’t have new and unique ideas, then how can you expect him to convert it into a killer content which will bring in loads of organic traffic or social media referrals ?

If you blog without an idea in your mind, then stop blogging for god’s sake. Because blogging without an idea in the mind is just like walking continuously for hours and miles without even knowing the route.

If you aim to make a post a super duper hit, then always think before you blog. Now, what will you think about ? Is your brain filled with plenty of unique blog post ideas which can be simply converted into a killer post ? Obviously Not!.

There may be many reasons for not getting any killer blog post ideas viz – you’ve already posted a killer post, there is too much competition, etc.

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Get An Idea!

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So today I will list out few Tips to get Killer Blog Post Ideas which will drive lots of quality traffic to your blog.

1. Read Blogs / Newspapers / Tech Magazines

Reading will always help you to get good blog post ideas. I know many bloggers who ignore Newspapers and just keep on reading blogs in their niche. Yes, reading blogs in your niche is definitely important to produce quality content.

But at the same time, you’ll need an alternate source of information too. For your information, I’ve written many posts after reading newspaper articles. And guess what, those posts brought in good amount of traffic from search engines too. Though I limit myself to reading only important parts (tech/gadgets/tutorials) of the Newspaper.

Similar is the advantage of reading tech magazines. These Tech Magazines contain certain information which is provided by the tech experts or the makers of the gadget. But make sure that you immediately start writing the post once you finish reading the tech magazine’s article.

Else, your competitors will overtake you & you’ll be left with a task to find another tech magazine and read it.

2. Watch YouTube ‘Question & Answers’ Videos

Well, there are many experts including Matt Cutts – who leads the Web Spam team of Google and is also regarded as the SEO guru; who give answers to specific questions thrown at them in a Question & Answers video.

Sometimes he answers 3-4 questions in a single Q & A video. Watching such Q & A videos will help you in writing some HowTo posts. The advantage of this method is that, your content won’t be regarded as a duplicate one.

3. Actively participate in Forums

Forums can certainly be a nice medium for blog post ideas. But the main thing is, you need to actively take part in it else you will be getting only out-dated ideas. Many users seek help, discuss about some new updates.

For Example : when the Google Farmer Update was under process, there was a lot of discussion on how to recover from it and stuff like that.

The good thing about forums is that, every time you don’t have to be the problem solver. There are other experts who help people to solve out their problems. All you’ve to do is to compile a quality content out of the whole discussion. Make sure that you give enough credits to the problem solver at the end of your post.

So I hope with these three points you’ll be able to come up with Killer blog post ideas and drive lots of traffic to your blog.

What are your ways to get Killer Blog Post Ideas ??

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  1. great article!!! i was just looking for some ideas to blog about something! the point you said about reading tech magazines, i read only a few of them lyk chip, digit etc., but ya they sure help me in gettin traffic. thanx for this wonderful post!!! 🙂

  2. Great post Mani. I thing doing a survey, scanning ones environment can help get blog post ideas.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I do this mistake of reading blogs and more blogs, ignoring newspapers. Thanks for the enlightenment 🙂

  4. reading print media is a a great way to get new ideas. Reading blogs is just a waste of time if you looking for topics because its so damn addictive.

  5. Can’t agree more. Reading more and more niche stuff of that can generate post ideas faster than anything else.

    I also feel that every single post of yours need not be a killer post. You should go ahead and add a post to your blog as long as you feel it adds value to your readers. And moreover, you may think of a post as a great one but it may not receive the response from your readers as you have expected. The thing is to give it your best and expect the best and continue doing so…

  6. yeah tip 2 is useful….will use that 😉 and yeah i agree with the person above we often overlok newspapers and all we do is read blogs and other competitors site to see what they have done 😛

  7. Thanks for some great ideas here! I’ve know about Matt Cutts and I haven’t watched any of his how to videos, will have to give it a try.

  8. One thing that I’ve always found helpful is to completely disconnect and just SIT.

    When you clear your mind it naturally begins to wander. You’ll start generating amazing ideas because you let your creativity take over rather than being influenced by others 😀

  9. Indeed a great article sometimes I feel blank when I have nothing to post but now I have lots of ideas, hopes high, thanks man.

  10. my Opinion is to Participate much in Forum,you will get more knowledge and content for blogging..

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